Just like when we bruise a knee or break a bone, your mind has the ability to heal itself in the same way your body does. So why as a society have we been conditioned to believe that healing is an external thing, something that does not exist inside of us? Dr. Benjamin Alter recognized this flawed logic and created Alter Health with his wife Susanna, to help their patients be reintroduced to the amazing healing powers of our own conscious.

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By honoring the bodies innate ability to heal itself, and evolving your diet and lifestyle practices to tune into your body-mind awareness, Dr. Benjamin believes that you can reconnect to the eternal trust of your body and experience a greater sense of wholeness. When viewing your physical symptoms as blocks that come between you and your healing path, you can trust your body to move through these expressions with ease.

On this episode, Dr. Benjamin shares his incredibly pure view of naturopathic medicine, how to cease your toxic and destructive behaviors through forgiveness, and why we should look at the mind of toddlers as the perfect example for mental resilience. By focusing on your healing environment, becoming okay with letting go of expectations and judgments, and allowing yourself the freedom to have fresh insights, you can cure what ails you and evolve your spiritual immune system to navigate with more clarity and confidence in your life.

True healing happens in the real world, not inside of a test tube or double-blind study. When you are able to limit the contamination you feed your body and mind and stop projecting your expectations onto the future, you will learn how to harness your power in the present moment to leverage the change you want to see in the world.

How does Dr. Benjamin’s view of what it means to heal holistically align with your viewpoints? Share with us in the comments below.


In This Episode

  • Allowing yourself to follow the eternal laws of nature to find natural healing solutions
  • Stepping fully into yourself and allowing your body to live into your greatest potential
  • Remembering what it is like to connect with your innate toddler resilience
  • Ways to allow your thoughts and emotions to pass through you instead of control you
  • Finding trust in your body again by tapping into your awareness and vitalism



“We live in a society and a culture where we are born to believe in many ways that we don’t have the answers, we must rely on some sort of external source of information or healing power or medicine to help us belong in our journey.” (5:18)

“We’re not just talking about how good is your cholesterol or are your hormones balanced, we’re talking about what are you doing with your life, are you using your healthy body to live into your fullest potential?” (9:33)

“Our Earth is getting really sick, and its no question as to why the inhabitants of the Earth are also becoming sick.” (17:01)

“The mind heals itself just like the body does, and all we have to do is take a step back and let the mind do what it does best and let the thoughts detox out of our awareness.” (33:39)

“As adults, we learn to try and pick and choose what we feel, how we feel, when we feel it, and that’s simply not in our control. And the more we try and pick and choose and force what we feel… the more we set ourselves up for suffering.” (37:07)



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