Dr. Erin Moore is a naturopathic doctor who believes in making herself obsolete through her drugless private practice and behavior change courses. Dr. Erin helps heal chronic diseases through a dialogue that identifies the subconscious belief systems you may be holding onto from the past that are causing your current physical symptoms. She believes in putting your relationship with yourself as the driver in charge of your transformation and works through modes of healing over medicine to help patients cure themselves.

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On this episode, Dr. Erin is providing you the information necessary to empower yourself to be the captain of your own health journey. Learn how Dr. Erin encourages others to find love and acceptance through self-marriage, how to break your cycle of shame with self-forgiveness, why you should be taking the responsibility of your own health seriously, and much more.

If you believe in your own capacity to heal yourself, but need some guidance or words of encouragement, Dr. Erin is here to inspire you. By helping others light the way to their own healing and development, Dr. Erin works as a guide to assist the Universe and help others evolve past their subconscious beliefs and unhealthy decisions into something brighter.

Are you ready to face your inner self-talk and reawaken your innate ability to recover? Share how Dr. Erin’s work in Nepal and Portland inspired you in the comments below!


In This Episode

  • Understanding the bodily sensations coming from your subconscious
  • Exercises to practice being loving and kind to yourself anywhere
  • How to cultivate necessary partnership skills through self-marriage practice
  • Everyday tools to help you get through moments of shame and dependency
  • Where to draw the line when it comes to behavior change and when to seek external help



“We have six principles in naturopathic medicine, but there is an unspoken seventh and eighth that really resonated with me a lot more. And those are physician heal thyself and that the role of the naturopathic doctor is to make themselves obsolete.” (6:14)

“I would love to leave behind a world where people turn to themselves first for healing and have the tools to do that.” (8:22)

“So many of these harmful behaviors that we want to quit but cant are soothing behaviors. And if we can learn to be more skillful at supporting ourselves and soothing ourselves and understanding what is really happening, then it really gives us a leg up.” (20:29

“Behavior change I knew had to be part of my work, and there was just no other way that I knew how to put it out there than in the context of building a relationship with yourself and using that as a motivator for change.” (22:12)

“The idea is if you practice enough, that when you need it in the tough times when you are really suffering, that hopefully, it will be a little easier for you to access that kindness.” (43:42)



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