In 2006, Michael Sandler had a near-fatal bicycle accident while attempting to set a world record to skate from LA to NYC in support of those with learning disabilities. Instead of giving in to the fear and pain of the incident, Michael immediately knew that this was a gift that would create a better life for himself and others. A professional speed skater, cyclist, and coach for athletes and those with learning disabilities, Michael is probably the only person to be meditating and coaching from the back of an ambulance. 

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While this may seem like an incredible story, it was only the beginning for Michael. Following years of more accidents, and more eternal optimism, Michael has overcome the hurdles in his life to come out the other side a stronger, healthier human with a deeply rooted belief system. By listening to the signs of nature and breathing in light and out love, Michael is a wealth of wisdom, patience with the Universe, and trust that everything will be okay. 

Michael wants to encourage you to stop the mindset that you cannot change certain parts about yourself, and embrace your body and mind’s ability to rewire. A big believer that everything happens for a reason, Michael is living proof of the power of resilience, motivation, and positivity. Michael believes that true enlightenment comes from when you are able to appreciate the downhill parts of life just as much as the uphill ones, and is here today to show you how to stop playing it safe and start learning in the uncomfortable. 

Are you ready to discover the gift that is wrapped around your heart and use it to start living your best life possible? Share what you found most inspiring about Michael’s story with us in the comments below. 

In This Episode

  • Discover an incredible story of turning pain into life’s greatest gift
  • How to gain whole body nutrition by walking barefoot in the grass 
  • Tips for embracing mindfulness and meditation when dealing with ADD
  • Why we should all be like loaves of bread when it comes to expiry dates
  • How to embrace enlightenment on both the downhill and uphill ride


“No tunnel, no white light, a complete switch flip. And a complete knowing that this is a gift… it was just a complete and total knowing that something really special is going to come out of it.” (6:49)

“You don’t need to drive your car into a tree, so to speak, for these things to happen, if you are willing to listen.” (10:18)

“There was a moment of a ‘you can just go into the silence and everything will be alright, or you are going to have to fight like hell to come back.’” (25:05)

“People say you are as you are, ‘I can’t change that, that’s just how I am’. I was the bouncing off the walls, fall out of your chair kid, who was the poster child for ADD and Ritalin and you name it. I was the proverbial squirrel on crack. And that has rewired. And not from the falls, that has rewired from the work that I have done.” (30:53)

“Things shifter after accident number one, to much more of ‘I want to help others’. It took on a whole new level or meaning after the second one.” (37:04)

“The answer was, we had to go with what made our heart sing. And that’s to help other people to kind of wake up or shift or make that change, so that whether you have got today, tomorrow, a decade or more, that you live your greatest life possible.”  (38:38)


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