Harmonic frequency impacts everything from how light, color, sound, hue, thought, word, music, and intention vibrate. It is part of the world around us, yet so many of us do not understand the powerful impact that frequency has on our daily lives.

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After a life-changing trip to Jerusalem, Michael Tyrrell was confronted with his true calling in life and has since created Wholetones, to express the healing ability of sound by the way of music. Michael believes that his contribution to the optimum life ‘toolbox’ is mixing music with frequencies to help make peoples lives better while getting them to relax, eat, sleep and stop getting so stressed out.

Join us as we explore the important tool from nature that is music and tonal vibrations to understand the power of frequency. Michael is here to help you embrace the spontaneous and get out of God’s way so that you can improve your intracellular and intercellular communication and vibration. 

What role does sound, vibration and frequency play in your life? What new ways of understanding these modalities did you learn on this episode? Share with us in the comments below. 


In This Episode

  • How to harness the healing power of music to benefit for your sleep
  • Learn why sound is one of the financially cheapest forms of natural medicine 
  • The difference between 440-hertz, 444-hertz and 528-hertz reactions
  • Embracing the simple and unpremeditated ways you can find your destiny
  • Ways you can make history by drawing attention to the needs of the planet 



“Some of the greatest discoveries in mankind, some of the greatest discoveries in your life, came by subtraction. It wasn’t something that was lucid or something that you had premeditated, it was a question that you asked and it became the prooftext for the future endeavors of your life.” (8:07)

“Inharmonic work, when you apply any frequency to the skin of Pythagoras, the ones that are really powerful and actually have a pension for working with the body on a cellular level, all aff up to 3, 6 or 9 and they are all interrelated by harmonic frequency.” (21:01)

“Frequency is everything. It is every thought that you are thinking, every word that you are speaking, the intention behind the words and thoughts that you manifest.” (25:06)

“If you’re not sleeping, you cant heal, there is no sleep bank and no way to make up for lost sleep, you just have to pray that you do it the next night.” (37:10)

“I am so thankful that I spent the money because now we have clinical proof that Wholetones 2Sleep can help the average person sleep between 7-8 hours, go to sleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling awesome the next day.” (37:45)



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