After getting off hormonal birth control Dr. Stacey Shillington began to experience a load of acne, skin issues, and hair loss. Not knowing where to turn, Dr. Stacey eventually found naturopathic medicine and has been dedicated to helping other women cure their skin problems from the inside out. Specializing in PCOS, but dealing with a range of conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation, age spots and more, Dr. Stacey is here to help you find your natural beauty.

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Dr. Stacey believes in the power of gut healing to cure your skin condition and balance your hormones. By looking at ways that your internal health reflects outwardly, you can get to the root cause of your issues and heal yourself holistically. Today Dr. Stacey provides a range of at home DIY skin tips, advice on what you should be eating to increase your fatty acids, and getting to the bottom of how your skin, nails, eyelashes and hair concerns could be a sign of something bigger going on internally.

By working from the inside out Dr. Stacey can help you feel confident in your body again. If you are struggling with skin or hair issues and haven’t yet considered a naturopathic healing solution, this episode is for you. Through the understanding of the interconnectedness of our bodies and the way our cells communicate you can clear your symptoms naturally.

How do Dr. Stacey’s views on sleep, nutrition, and inflammation relate to how you treat your skin condition? Let me know in the comments below!


In This Episode

  • The difference between acne as an adult and acne during puberty
  • How to prevent new age spots from appearing and what to do if you already have them
  • Looking at your fingernails to explore the mineral status of your body
  • Treatments to help your eyelashes and hair grow thick and lustrous
  • The best facial oils to cleanse your skin and create a moisture barrier



“At the time I was starting my own health and wellness journey, and going off the birth control pill was definitely a huge part of that, but I was not prepared for what my body was going to do.” (4:22)

“The only way I was going to get to the root of the problem was by balancing my body from the inside out.” (5:38)

“I always start with the gut, I always start with the diet, and I always start with the liver. Because once those systems are working well and you are getting the optimal dose of vitamins and minerals through your diet, the body balances.” (23:25)

“Everything we need is in nature, it is so true.” (34:38)



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