Once you make the choice to kick that bad habit, embark on that new responsibility or reach for that seemingly unachievable dream, we expect our loved ones to be supportive of our new decisions. However, sometimes this can threaten those same people, and make them seem unattached, disloyal, or straight up mean.

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When the people we love don’t support us it can hurt, but ultimately, it is the natural selection of those you shouldn’t be surrounding yourself with. Today I am exploring what to do when those closest to you aren’t ready for the changes you are making, and how to cement your new healthy behavior despite any criticism or doubt.

You should never feel guilty for doing something beneficial, healthy and loving for yourself, so don’t let anyone else make you feel bad about it. When you are able to adopt a positive mindset around healthy lifestyle changes, gain the tools to arm yourself against temptation, surround yourself with those that support you and believe in your ability to persevere, you can ignore the haters and improve your health and happiness.

Have you ever had a time in your life when you are achieving your dreams, and lost someone you love because of it? I would love to hear your story in the comments below!


In This Episode

  • What to do when people aren’t happy for you and how to avoid that negativity
  • Understanding the concept of envy and how it works on social networking sights
  • The role your environment plays in your epigenetics and how you express yourself
  • How to prepare for positive lifestyle changes through brave acts of self-love
  • Taking in the wisdom of nature to self prune and receive more nurturing light and energy



“We really need support and it is so important to have the support of our family or friends when we are struggling with something.” (3:03)

“Positive experiences shared on Facebook, for example, trigger more intense envy than material object purchases do. What the researchers are saying is that it seems we are more envious about what people accomplish or what people do rather than what they have.” (9:37)

“The environment you immerse yourself in alters who you become.” (10:59)

“People know you by what you produce, what you do, what you become, more than what you say. So don’t let someone else’s envy, someone else’s jealousy, someone else’s lack of being able to support you, prevent you from becoming good fruit.” (13:15)

“All healing is self-healing.” (17:45)



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