Many of us, including yours truly, were told from a young age that your metabolism is something that you are either cursed or blessed with, and there was no way to change it. Dr. Alan Christianson is here to explain why this couldn’t be further from the truth and provide simple and effective ways to get healthier, heal your metabolism and even drop a few dress sizes while you are at it.

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Dr. Christianson believes in freeing your organs of their internal fat through the healing of your liver so that you can make changes that will stick for good. It is possible to reverse your diabetes and lower your risk of multiple diseases when you are able to optimize your energy to help your body hold onto muscle and lose fat.

Learn the most precise predictive markers for overly fatty internal organs, which lifestyle factors may be impacting your metabolism, and discover Dr. Christiansons 28 day diet designed to reset your metabolism and give your body the tools to start burning fuel with a distinct purpose. Your metabolism is not just fast or slow, it is a flexible thing that requires nurturing and understanding to truly thrive, and Dr. Christianson is here to provide a road map for exactly that.

Are you ready to stop the yo-yo diets and get your metabolism, liver, and hormones back to working for you instead of against you? Share what you learned on from Dr. Christianson with us in the comments below.


In This Episode

  • Understanding and analyzing the factors that impact your metabolic flexibility
  • Easy at home tests and laboratory tests to assess your fatty organ susceptibility
  • How to reset your metabolism with unlimited snacks
  • Which diets and foods can make your liver and body work better for you
  • What Dr. Christianson eats on a daily basis to stay the epitome of health



“The real story is, how can you change your body to where after those pounds are gone, they stay gone, and your body keeps that stuff in check again? That’s the exciting part.” (8:37)

“It’s not so much the scale weight, its about really the waste and how much fat is being carried, specifically inside the organs. It’s not even the belly fat anymore, it’s really the fat that gets trapped inside the organs and inside the liver.” (9:23)

“This is not fifty rules for life, this is how do you affect the change that you can move past.” (15:03)

“There are many people whos glands are working well, but the rubber is not hitting the road properly because their liver function is not giving them the right amount of active hormones, and that’s the paradox.” (19:31)

“As central as your liver is, the exciting news is that it is like the easiest thing to heal in your body, it is just waiting to get better again in a short amount of time.” (28:55)



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