Sachin Patel is a philanthropist, teacher, coach, father, and founder of  The Living Proof Institute. Sachin is passionate about helping people live their best life through the total mind, body and spirit embracement of functional medicine. 

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After his career as a chiropractor opened his eyes to the system of degraded health that is so prevalent in our modern society, Sachin said enough is enough and started to make a change. By focusing on our issues of health from a software perspective rather than a hardware one, Sachin is helping his clients stop being limited by their bodies. 

Nobody will ever care about your health more than you do, and it is up to you to model an example of health for others so that we can change our healthcare system from the inside. Sachin has a wealth of knowledge on everything from spiritual revolutions to tips for vibrating at a higher frequency and is here today to share what he knows with you. 

It is not hard to be healthy, and with the right mindset and tools, you can go after the amazing, extraordinary life that you know you are meant for. It is easier than ever before for us to make healthy choices and see the benefits in our homes. With Sachin’s help, you too can join in on this inclusive, accessible and ultimately self-sufficient vision of health. 

By becoming the embodiment of what you want your children to do, you are creating a better future for not only them, but everyone stuck in the rotating wheel we call our healthcare system. Through modeling health in a productive and approachable way you can start to change your health outlook, and who doesn’t want that? Sachin has huge ideas about transforming the way we think about our health and helping others understand the power that we hold within our bodies, minds, and souls. 

Have you embraced functional medicine after a lifetime of disintegrating lifejacket situations in the traditional healthcare system? Head on over to the episode page and share your story with us in the comments below. 


In This Episode

  • The importance of holding yourself accountable when it comes to your health
  • Why you need to start taking your role as your child’s model for health seriously 
  • Learn why Sachin believes that the Doctor of the future is the patient of today
  • How to build a sustainable house of health with foundational health principles 
  • Why we need to approach health from a software perspective to achieve our best self



“That’s what I am on a mission to do, is really helping people understand that there is more to you than the machinery, there is more to you than the hardware when it comes to your health, and ultimately its the software, and that software has to have love as part of its ethos, and that’s the basis of our best life.” (6:14)

“Everyone is trying to fix the healthcare system when we actually need to birth a new one. A new one that isn’t dependent on the archaic approach that hey, you are going to wait and live the wrong life for 40 years, then get sick and then go have somebody fix you and learn about how to be healthy. You should have learned how to be healthy from the very beginning.” (10:39)

“What you should want for yourself… is to live an amazing life. And so you are right to maybe the lowest common denominator is available to you, but you should want for yourself to live an outstanding, extraordinary life. Nobody else can want that for you.” (20:37)

“Its only when people get sick enough that they find the actual answers that they need.” (29:59)

“It’s not what you tell your kids to do, its what you show your kids to do. And it’s not what you serve your kids, its what you are serving yourself. So we have to be the embodiment of what we want our children to do.” (35:39)



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