Have you ever heard of positive psychology? Sandra Scheinbaum is an expert in the field of positive psychology, mind-body medicine, and ultimately helping her clients thrive. Passionate about helping others transform their health care and become the CEO’s of their bodies, Sandra is here to share her immense knowledge with you today. 

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A breath of fresh air in the mind-body medicine space, Sandra uses her 35-year history as a clinical psychologist to help her patients stop having panic attacks, and start to thrive using your unique character strengths. Through your ability to harness your inner strengths, include mindfulness in your daily practice and create a new narrative that uniquely suits you, you can live your life according to your own rules. 

If you want to identify your signature strengths and find ways to build up your success through mindfulness and innate consciousness, Sandra is the expert you need to learn from. With a combination of physiological understanding, drive to achieve the purpose and the desire to ask meaningful questions, Sandra is here to help you discover what you want for your health journey.

Are you ready to stop romanticizing the negative, get in touch with your purpose in life and journey of health, and start making the most of your character strengths? Share what you loved most about Sandra’s input in the comments below.


In This Episode

  • The Five Elements necessary to thrive in positive psychology and live a life well lived
  • Analyzing the appeal of drama and negativity and dissecting what is wrong
  • Learn about character strengths and the role they play in our human connection
  • How to harness your signature strengths as the building blocks for wellbeing
  • Ways to identify and build your character strengths through mindfulness practices



“It’s everyday types of achievement that count a lot.” (10:42)

“I have been rattling off a lot of these strengths. They are all within us, we each have them, they are like traits, it’s like they are in our DNA. They are the building blocks for wellbeing.” (17:52)

“If you look back to times of your life and you had a problem and you solved it, moved on, it’s because you are using your signature strengths if it feels right.” (20:02)

“It actually came from a humanist model of psychotherapy where you are completely client-centered. And from there life coaching evolved, and then health coaching you could think of as another spin-off.” (29:24)

“It’s a different spin, it’s a different interpretation, it’s creating a new narrative that tells the story from a strengths perspective.” (31:35)



The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy 

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