The emphasis on a word, the way in which pitch can tell us a speakers mood, or the volume in which we speak, are features in which we are hardly aware of but have a significant impact on how we interact with others, and the world. Often we overlook all of the scientific, cultural, geographic and emotional meanings behind the way we choose our words and communicate our feelings.

While it is common nowadays to hear the prevalence of saying ‘no’, I argue that we should be saying ‘yes’ more often. While saying no can be a preventive measure, saying yes shifts you away from that fear. Today I want to help you become more comfortable with opening yourself up to the possibilities of saying yes. I am sharing some scientific background on the power of positive thinking, how your tone, pitch, and vibration affect how you communicate, and my ‘yes’ meditation practice to help you embrace all of life’s possibilities.

I want you to think about what you want to say yes to as the counterbalance to what you want to say no to. By becoming aware of how our words affect our biology, physiology, and consciousness, you can harness the power of saying yes and use your voice to create the life you want.


In This Episode

  • Realizing that every negative no is saying yes to something else
  • Why saying yes is more life-affirming and powerfully positive
  • How you are affected by the words you speak and the way you say them
  • The scientific intent behind how we communicate our culture



“Saying no allows you to put yourself first, but it is so negative, and I feel like when we answer our lives in a negative way, that’s supposed to be empowering, it’s still really negative” (1:21)

“Nearly every religious text accepts that speaking is powerfully creative” (4:52)

“It’s just amazing how many things are happening at once when we communicate with each other” (13:51)

“Remember, it doesn’t mean you can’t say no, but saying no to something is saying yes to something that is even more powerful” (19:38)



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