Many women feel a primal urge to reproduce and have a child, so how do you cope when your fertility is not serving you the way you intended? Dr. Aumatma Shah is a Naturopathic Medicine Doctor with a Masters in Nutrition who focuses on hormonal health and helping women have a child without shame or regret. Dr. Aumatma abides by the mantra that when you are having trouble conceiving, it is your body’s way of telling you to alter something buried underneath. Once you are able to address those root causes, your ability to start or grow your family will be at your fingertips.

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By taking a step back and analyzing which symptoms may be inhibiting your body from getting pregnant, understanding how to test for specific egg quality and sperm analysis and the role age plays in pregnancy, and by gaining a sense of what your own unique fertility plan should look like, you can step into your next life phase with ease. Dr. Aumatma believes in customized treatments and an open mindset to get the results you deserve and the healthiest possible baby.

Whatever your personal view on fertility treatments and how you get pregnant, today we are asking the hard questions to get to the answers on what is going to be the best pregnancy plan for you. If you are struggling with fertility, there is nothing wrong with you, all you need is to be able to listen to what your body is telling you with the help of a trained specialist. Dr. Aumatma is looking at fertility issues across the age spectrum to help deliver the most optimal fertility treatment plan for your body.

Have you experimented with alternative fertility treatments such as IVF? Share your story about creating your family in the comments section below.


In This Episode

  • Dr. Aumatma’s most commonly recommended tests for those struggling with infertility
  • Analyzing how your supplements could be impacting your functional nutrition status
  • The top five things you should never consume if you want to have a baby
  • How natural wine and raw dairy could be impacting your hormones
  • Gain a clear timeline of the emotional and monetary dedication of fertility treatment



“Nothing is wrong with the mere fact that you can’t have a child. There are so many reasons why it’s gotten so difficult in our time.” (5:22)

“Everyone who is on this path is talking to doctors, talking to fertility specialists, but nobody is actually educating the woman on what does this all mean and how do you interpret it.” (14:59)

“Not being able to conceive is a signal or a red flag of the body saying, hey you are not paying attention, you are not doing what I really need you to do right now. And once you do those things, often getting pregnant becomes really easy.” (30:30)

“We are basing so much of [fertility] on age when we have really good viable tests that could give us way more information, so let’s get the information.” (46:17)

“I think it is really about customizing and really making sure that we are talking to the woman in front of us.” (49:41)



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