Energy medicine and the technologies that are being developed alongside it have had groundbreaking success when addressing health issues that plague our global society. Your heart chakra, biofield energy, and bioplasma technologies can help you heal yourself on a whole level to draw the negative energy out of you and help you come out shining in all aspects of your life.

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Key Takeaways

To Better Understand The Chakra System You Must Embrace:

  1. The scientific and spiritual aspects of the chakras, especially that of the heart chakra
  2. Accept your ability to receive signals through the human biofield and the electromagnetic spectrum 
  3. Align your heart chakra and your assemblage point to find good healing in the new health paradigm

Understanding Biofield Sciences with Dr. Thornton Streeter

Dr. Thornton Streeter is the founder of the Centre of Biofield Sciences, now based in Panaji in his own research center after 18 years at the UNESCO, MIT, World Peace Centre. He focused on investigating the anatomy and physiology of the human biofield. In addition, he has also founded the Energy Medicine Exchange as well as a collaborator on the subtle energy imaging system, the Biofield Viewer. Dr. Streeter has spent over twenty-five years specializing in research of the Human Biofield and encourages research worldwide that is designed to integrate modern medicine with the traditional understanding from Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine.

The Importance Of Understanding The Chakras

Dr. Streeter is passionate about the most powerful field that we can measure coming from the human body, our electromagnetic fields. By going around the world and visiting traditional knowledge wells to get more information about the subtle body, Dr. Streeter has found groundbreaking ways to use the Chakra’s and our Western understanding of the central nervous system to communicate knowledge through grassroots so people can experience a global health choice.

Healing The Bioplasmic Field

While biochemists and modern medical practitioners focus on the solid physical body, Dr. Streeter focuses on the bioplasmic field to find new ways of predicting and healing the entire body and the skeleton of the soul. Dr. Streeter wants to help you keep your family healthy and shake up your concepts around bioplasma, wave state medicine, and core frequencies. This episode is your opportunity to be initiated into the first class of the chakras dimensionality perspective and start to tap into your own innate ability to heal from the inside out and the outside in through a framework of science.

Are you ready to start understanding the wonderful weave between the evolution and revelation of consciousness and honor it through your chakras? Share your thoughts on Dr. Streeter’s research and perspective with us in the comments below.

In This Episode

  • How the chakras can work as a preventative screening environment to various illnesses (12:10)
  • Gain an understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum and the elephants in the room of modern medicine (24:00)
  • Why the new understanding of the chakras lays the track for us to be energetically heart-centered and beyond (41:52)
  • Discover the difference between wave state medicine and particle state medicine (52:24)
  • How to ensure that you are plugged into the mains through the crown chakra by being in service with total humility (55:51)


“Our plan is to trick mankind back into Eden and save them and save ourselves humbly and in service from the fate of the lemmings.” (6:22)

“What we are suggesting here is that the nervous system is like the oldfashioned wiring in your house. But the meridian system must be a fiber optic superhighway that’s able to get information at the speed of light to your brain, or maybe even faster.” (33:17)

“This is the heart revolution, and it’s a velvet revolution because it allows us to understand that the heart is time, in the truest sense of two words being married together.” (47:01)

“I am very comfortable in saying that the three dimensions of space, advocated by the lower three chakras, and the heart chakra, and therefore the correspondingly physical heart, are the navigational equipment that we use to surf time.” (50:32)

“We’ve got an opportunity to take time in our very fingertips and rise above it and travel back and forth through time and do whatever we want.” (1:06:20)

“Earth is like a star school, and it only happens when people experience a heart revolution first.” (1:08:08)


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