Have you ever considered that hiding behind your busy schedule could be stopping you from deepening your relationships and living the life that you desire? Tonya Dalton is a productivity expert, writer, speaker, and founder of inkWELL Press Productivity Co. Today Tonya is here to explain to you why you should stop living with the fear of missing out and start actively choosing how you want to spend your time.

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Instead of filling your days with the things that society tells you you ‘should’ be doing, Tonya wants you to start focusing on your priorities and living a life of intention. By replacing the things that you say ‘yes’ to out of obligation and guilt with things that are meaningful for you and your family, you can start to value happiness as the key to life again. 

Tonya is here to ask you to look at the story you are telling yourself, stop driving yourself crazy with ‘should’s’, and start to structure your day around you and what works for your life. By leaning into your strengths as well as your weaknesses, Tonya can help you treat each day as a new opportunity instead of as a to-do list. 

By slowing down, learning how to prioritize what you say ‘yes’ to and starting to live a life of intention, you can put your happiness first with a framework of structure and flexibility that suits you. Are you ready to start living a life with intention and priorities at the center? Share your story with us in the comments below. 


In This Episode

  • Why you need to stop identifying as overwhelmed and take control of your day
  • Tips for creating a customized productivity system based on your unique needs
  • Learn ‘The Five P’s of Planning’ to help you accomplish your prioritized goals
  • How to switch from the fear of missing out to the joy of missing out 
  • The importance of focusing on what is meaningful for you and your loved ones



“It’s this whole idea of let’s let go of that burden of busy, let’s stop glorifying busy and instead live a life of intention.” (4:47)

“You can let go of busy, you can live more by doing less. It is truly possible to feel successful without having to do a thousand different things in our day.” (8:30)

“Let’s get conversations going because that is really how we deepen relationships and that is really how we form community and that is really what is most important.” (10:55)

“It’s designed so you can make it work for you. And I think that really is one of the biggest secrets when it comes to productivity, playing to your strengths, but also playing to your weaknesses, allowing that to really mold you and what is important to you.” (20:18)

“It’s not about managing our time, it’s about savoring the moments. And when we give ourselves that space, that breathing room to really stop and look around us, you really can’t find a lot more happiness.” (25:03)



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