Dr. Anna Cabeca is a trained gynecologist who was devastated when she learned her body had entered early menopause at age 38. Refusing to accept this as her fate, Dr. Anna made the leap into functional medicine, reversed her early-menopause, conceived and delivered a baby at age 41, and since has been dedicated to helping women of all ages be their best selves. Dr. Anna uses her humor, honesty, and compassion to help women navigate this confusing hormonal time with grace and ease.

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While menopause is natural for everyone, suffering is not. Dr. Anna provides you with tips on how to put oxytocin back in the driver seat and get the hormonal balance you need to heal your body, mind, spirit, and relationships in a way you never have before. Dr. Anna believes in the ability to re-establish healthy hormonal access by encouraging yourself to partake in things that drive your healing and use natural solutions found in her book, The Hormone Fix.

By getting your body into a state of ketosis through intermittent fasting, healthy fats, proteins and lots of greens, Dr. Anna can help you get rid of your brain fog, increase your memory, reduce vaginal dryness, and tackle many other symptoms faced by women experiencing these changing hormones. Dr. Anna provides the first steps for women who want to embrace their bodily changes, create oxytocin with pleasure and intimacy, and wear the menopause crown of wisdom.

By creating better relationships and more peace inside of ourselves it is easier to take the freeing steps to heal your body from the inside out. Dr. Anna is living proof that when you support your body in the right way it is possible to heal through things that others may not even believe is possible. All it takes is the right guidance and a positive attitude.

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In This Episode

  • Why oxytocin is the most important hormone when it comes to healing and love
  • Ways to build intermittent fasting into your lifestyle so that it works with you
  • How getting Keto Green helped Dr. Anna eliminate her brain fog and declining memory
  • Why you must embrace your traumatic past in order to heal your body from its pain
  • Reasons keeping your brain healthy is key to experiencing freedom and spiritual alignment



“Reversing menopause for me was a big eye-opening journey. I was already into functional medicine and then I just dove in deeper, and it was the first step in realizing that it takes more than hormones to fix our hormones.” (6:02)

“Making those good decisions matter. And being able to do it from a place of love and connection and not fear.” (20:50)

“We have to ask ourselves, who am I designed to be, what’s on my bucket list, where do I get the love, the feel of oxytocin and the feel of being charged and happy when I am doing it or thinking about it?” (28:40)

“Nothing I could write on a prescription or carve out with steel was going to help me. So I needed to find those natural solutions.” (31:36)

“If we are gonna get wrinkles, I know I want laugh lines and not frown lines. I want my resting face to be a smiling face, not a frowning witch face, I really don’t want that.” (37:00)



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