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Congratulations on your desire to heal yourself. Keep in mind that you are learning to heal your illness by healing yourself. And to heal yourself requires that you understand yourself. Keeping an eating journal is one way to gain understanding about yourself. We will begin by observing primarily the quality and quantities of foods you eat as well as any connections you observe about how you feel around the times of eating.

You may want to keep your journal more than that or even continuously for awhile. Your style of keeping an eating journal can be quite individualized. It is intended more for your benefit than mine. I simply need to be able to read it.

Make this process a simple one. One suggestion is to put your journal beside your bed or at your desk and once daily write down everything you have eaten in the last 24 hours along with the approximate amounts. If you are noticing or learning anything of interest to you make a note of it.

Keeping an eating journal can be a valuable tool in your process of learning to improve your eating. At first it provides an accurate record of what you eat. Like keeping a record of the money you spend this simple process of seeing accurately can help you a lot. What you actually eat may be quite different from what you thought you ate.

Give attention to the quality and quantity of foods you eat and how they make you feel.

Quality of foods

What are the qualities and types of foods you eat and prefer to eat? E.g. bread, sweets, oils and fats, salty, animal protein, vegetables, fruit, coffee, alcohol etc.

Do you notice any cravings or strong preferences?

Quantities of foods

If you eat too much of certain foods or not enough of certain foods your journal can heighten your awareness of this.

If you think you eat too much in general you may want to record the amounts you eat with some accuracy. Also record how you feel before, during and after overeating.

Pay attention to how you feel before and after meals. If you notice that your digestion, energy, moods or other symptoms are effected, make a note of this. As you continue to work with keeping your eating journal you will come to understand ever more clearly what actually determines your eating. You cannot heal what you do not understand. What you are seeking to understand is not food. It is yourself.

As you progress you will find that your journalling begins to focus much more on you than on food. You will discover that your energy, internal dialogue, moods, friends, hunger are strong influences on your eating (and vice versa). If you continue to keep a journal, over time you will find that your journal will evolve into an ever expanding and more accurate means of observing and understanding your own self.

If you find it is valuable to you to keep your eating journal and if you desire to learn more about how to use it as a tool for improving your eating, tell me and I will provide you with further materials and instruction.

Cropley-138Dr. Charley Cropleyhas been a practicing Naturopathic Doctor, teacher and author in the Boulder/Denver since 1979. He has trained hundreds of doctors in his methods of nutrition and Self-Healing. He teaches a variety of courses and retreats. He is author of numerous articles, several books, a blog and an array of audio and videos. He is a frequent lecturer at the colleges of Naturopathic Medicine, and is regarded by his peers as one of today’s leading thinkers and teachers in the philosophy and practice of Naturopathic Medicine.

Charley works with all types of Health problems using no medicines or supplements. He teaches his patients to Heal themselves through wholesome nutrition, strengthening exercise, positive thinking and honest, caring relationships. He lives what he teaches.

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