VIENNA, Austria – A worldwide study has shown that just two alcoholic drinks a day can promote liver disease.

The study was presented at The International Liver Congress 2015 in Vienna, where the World Health Organization asserted that cirrhosis can be caused by daily drinking of alcohol.

New data, they said, shows that the cirrhosis burden caused by drinking increased by 11.13 percent when it was done more than “moderately” – which translated into one drink a day by women and two for men.

The researchers referenced clinical studies that show high daily consumption was the strongest predictor of the disease.

The World Health Organization’s Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health shows about 6 percent of global deaths are caused by alcoholic cirrhosis.

It states half of all cirrhosis cases are caused by alcohol consumption, according to data retrieved from studies in 193 countries.

In conclusion, WHO suggests that reducing heavy drinking should be considered an important target for public health monitoring and policy.

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