(NaturalPath) For a long time, hormonal contraceptives have been one of the only birth control options for women. They can cause a wide array of health consequences some which we are still surfacing today. The use of these hormonal birth control methods can cause symptoms such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), nutritional deficiencies, mental health problems, and circulatory problems such as stroke. Due to these side effects, many women have gone back to older more traditional methods of cycle tracking as a way to become more in tune with their cycles and track their fertility.

Now we see new technology jumping on board to this traditional method. New fertility monitoring products now exist using 30 years of research with over five million menstrual cycles tracked to produce this tracking technology. The product called “Daysy” has been proven to be 99.3% effective if used correctly. This could be the solution women need for those who find hormonal contraceptive options don’t suit their needs.



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