New research is suggesting that in order to reduce the risk of stomach cancer we need to be focused on our stomach bacteria. Not just any stomach bacteria, but the ones that commonly cause stomach ulcers.

Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) is a commonly talked about stomach bacteria that can lead to painful stomach ulcers in many individuals. However about 2/3rds of individuals are infected and many don’t experience symptoms and can go undiagnosed. There are treatments available and although for some it can be a process, for many eradicating H. pylori can be a simple process when these protocols are undergone.

Studies were compiled that looked at treatment protocols compared to no treatment in otherwise healthy and asymptomatic H. pylori positive adults. Studies that followed participants for at least 2 years were examined and it was found that the antibiotic and gastric acid suppression therapy given for 1-2weeks did help in preventing the development of gastric cancer when compared to placebo or no treatment. This research could bring more importance to screening for H. pylori as another method for cancer prevention and highlight the importance of healthy gut flora.

McMaster University. (2015, July 22). Targeting bacteria causing ulcers may prevent stomach cancer. ScienceDaily. Retrieved October 21, 2015 from

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