Dr. Lo Radio Show

Dr. Lauren “Lo” Noel, ND

Dr. Lauren “Lo” Noel is a naturopathic doctor and expert in natural medicine. Join her for an informative show each week with a variety of guests in the realm of natural medicine.

Dr Allegra Hart

Dr Allegra Hart, ND

Naturopathic doctor discussing natural medicine techniques, etc.


Dr Nirala Jacobi, ND

The SIBO Doctor is the premiere resource for gut health practitioners.

The Ultimate Perimenopause Podcast

Dr Shawna Darou, ND and Maggie Chilton, RHN

Perimenopause is very under-represented, and something we constantly hear is “Why didn’t anyone tell me?”

The Spa Dr

Dr Trevor Holly Cates, ND

A number of skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, vitiligo, and even premature aging, can both cause AND be triggered by stress.

Pain Free and Strong

Dr Tyna Moore, ND

Dr. Moore specializes in the application of natural pain solutions and regenerative injection therapies to treat all varieties of musculoskeletal conditions. As both a board certified Naturopathic and Chiropractic physician, she brings a unique perspective and expertise to the diagnosis and treatment of pain and orthopedic conditions.  She practices exclusively Regenerative Injection Therapies and non-surgical pain management for orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions.

The Profitable Practice Podcast

Dr Andrea Maxim, ND

The Profitable Practice Podcast is for people who are ready to take action and make serious moves with their business. You ready to make your practice more profitable, then listen here!

The Entrepology Podcast

Dr Meghan Walker, ND

As a Naturopathic Doctor and Entrepologist, Dr. Meghan Walker supports the health and optimization of entrepreneurs, innovators and go-getters. The demands of an entrepreneurial life can take a toll on one’s health. From relationships to neurotransmitters, Dr. Meghan goes deep with world renowned experts to help you optimize your brain, body and purpose. Your health is your unfair advantage. Have a question or topic you would like to see covered, go to www.entrepologypodcast.com

Alter Your Health

Dr Benjamin Alter, ND

Alter Your Health Podcast is your source of information and inspiration to promote the holistic transformation of your health, and the health of our planet!

30/30 Health Podcast

Dr Guillermo Ruiz, ND

My objective is to advance Naturopathic medicine using an evidence-based approach, and I focus on finding evolutionary connections between our modern and traditional health care systems.

To Your Good Health Radio

Dr David Friedman, ND

Dr. David Friedman’s “To Your Good Health Radio” has changed the face of talk radio by incorporating entertainment, shock value and solutions to everyday health and wellness issues. The show offers a LIVE, no holds barred, cutting-edge approach to achieving optimal health.

Mindful Medicine

Dr Holly Lucille, ND

Articulate, passionate and humorous, Dr. Holly Lucille breaks down the myths and misconceptions about health and health related topics.

The WELLthy Woman Podcast

Dr Michelle Rogers, ND

This is The WELLthy Woman Podcast, and Dr. Michelle is your host, business coach, and wellness mentor. Her mission is to teach conscientious women entrepreneurs how to create a life full of health and wealth from the inside out. In this podcast, you’ll learn how to elevate your health and implement business strategies, so you can awaken your inner power, show up more confidently and focus on what really matters – sharing your gifts, better serving your clients and showing up EVEN more for the people you love. This is today’s successful woman – The WELLthy Woman.

Better Everyday with Sarah and Dr. Brooke

Dr. Brooke, ND and Sarah Fragoso

Dedicated to helping women live their bigger, better life. Expert advice on fitness, hormones, health and happiness.

Medicine and Health

Dr. Paul Anderson, ND

This program opens up the sometimes mysterious world of healthcare and how doctors think in an effort to empower the listener to gain better access to effective health care. Discussions are topical and aim to give the listener deeper understanding. The overall goals are knowledge and empowerment around healthcare for you and your loved ones.

Calm Living Blueprint

Dr. Candace Esposito, ND

It’s only when we stop struggling against our fearfulness, against our anxiety, that we begin to find lasting freedom from it to live the lives we want to live.

Radio Naturopath

Dr. Fran Storch, ND

Call-in talk show about health and natural medicine.

The Traditional Naturopath

Dr. Bill Bailey, ND

Dr. Bill Bailey, Ph.D., MH, ND, CNHP, CTN discusses issues in the Natural Health field and how to protect your personal health freedoms.

Finding Fertility

Dr. Gina Fox, ND

A practical guide to improve your chances of getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy and birth. Your hosts are acupuncturist Joanne Sharkey and naturopath Gina Fox – listen to them interviewing leading experts.

Keto Naturopath

Dr. Karl Goldkamp, ND

Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, Chinese herbal medicine, areas of specialty Environmental medicine, nutrition, and nutrigenomics. Clinical practice 16 years.

The Functional Medicine Radio Show

Dr. Carri Drzyzga, ND

The Functional Medicine Radio Show With Dr. Carri.

Your Daily Dose with Dr. Len

Dr. Len Brancewicz, RPh, Board Certified CCN, ND

A show that bridges the gap between natural and traditional medicine with Dr. Len Brancewicz, RPh, Board Certified CCN, NMD with 30 years experience.

Wellness Radio with Dr. J

Dr. Jeanette Gallagher, ND

Dr. Jeanette Gallagher shares in casual conversation, topics of health, wellness and spirituality to transform your life. Her guests are authors, physicians, spiritual leaders, and people who wish to share a message of hope as the world evolves through daily challenges. The conversations may ease your concerns, encourage deep laughter or challenge your beliefs but you will come away with a sense that something has stirred inside of you and you just can’t wait to share it with others. Dr. Jeanette’s book “Trust: Photo Meditations” is an inspirational journey to find the softness and comfort in the world around us. Dr. Jeanette is a visionary, spiritual guide and inspirational author/radio host. Her specialty is in helping others remember that life is a great gift, no matter what we are going through. Dr. J is in the ‘healing of the heart and spirit’ business and loves every moment. Her compassion and empathy can be felt as she shares her stories on air. She has over five decades in studying the mystery of the body, has fully experienced life challenges to create change and helps others transform their lives through connected listening to the story of their lives. Her books, events and blog postings are listed on her website and social media connections. Connect with her at: www.DrJeanetteGallagher.com Twitter: @DrJeanetteND Facebook: DrJeanetteND

Dr. Carolyn Dean Live

Dr. Carolyn Dean MD, ND

Meet award-winning doctor, naturopath and best-selling author of Death by Modern Medicine and The Magnesium Miracle Carolyn Dean MD ND. Hear a wealth of information designed to empower listeners and callers to pierce the veil of traditional (allopathic) medicine and discover how to improve health, vitality, and emotional well-being through nature’s perfect nutrients and picometer mineral supplementation. Enjoy weekly featured segments including: a review of news from around the health world, Dr. Dean’s Mail Bag, and a variety of guests and call-in listeners who share experiences of their quest for optimal physical, mental, and emotional health. Co-hosted by life coach Ginney Gunther, Dr. Carolyn Dean Live fills your prescription for inspiration, information and success in achieving the next level of health, vitality and wellness!

New Frontiers in Functional Medicine

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, ND, IFMCP

Each month, I interview the best minds in Functional Medicine. Expect thought-provoking ideas, new research, lots of clinical pearls for practitioners and step-change information for consumers and patients. I hope you join us. Don’t hesitate to email me with ideas for future podcasts.

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