Electromagnetic Fields, or EMFs, are all around us, and sadly are being blamed for an array of health problems that include neurological issues, chronic fatigue, behavioral changes, cell mutations, fibromayalgia, and even some cancers.

Avoiding EMFs may be a challenge as more homes install Wi-Fi and utility meters increase use of remote reading.

But that is not to say we cannot take precautions and make changes to our lifestyles in order to reduce our exposure to them, according to Nancy Rao, ND, LAc, of Boulder Naturopathic Clinic in Colorado. She said making seven changes to your living space and habits can help protect from overexposure to EMFs.

outlet11 Measure the level of electrical/magnetic seepage over level 4 coming from wall plugs near the head of the bed.

Dr. Rao suggests using a meter to see if there are high EMF levels, and if so don’t sleep with your head at the wall where the outlets are, or if the home’s power meter is attached to the wall outside the bedroom.

She said, however, not everyone is sensitive to the EMFs. “But our exposure is increasing all the time.” Rao also points out that EMFs can alter melatonin levels, so if you are having trouble sleeping, check out the EMF levels in the bedroom.

2 Unplug things at night if you can and don’t have them in your sleeping space.

3 Spend less time at the computer.

Dr. Rao suggests buying a secondary keyboard and not putting lap top computers in your lap as it may lead to certain types of cancers. “They are hormone disruptors and have a cancer causing component,” she said.

800px-Mumbai_Guy_on_Cellphone_November_2011_-3-4_closeup4 Limit cell phone use.

“There is more cell phone usage, and more brain cancers, than ever. I don’t know that Bluetooths are safer, but headsets with mitigation in them are worth looking at. Something that puts a space between your head and the phone,” Dr. Rao said.

5. Don’t carry your cell phone in your pocket, and limit your exposure. “Those are things we do have a choice with. Turn it off more often. Use a landline. Limit use of other wireless devices,” Dr. Rao said.

1843479_344101f46 Do you live near high-voltage power lines? Look for detoxifying treatments, especially if you are trying to have children or if you have any telltale EMF overdose signs.

“If they are trying to get pregnant, if there is sleep disruption or they are getting infections easier; those can be signs of EMF exposure. To fight it I think it’s important to support all the detox pathways in the body, especially in the liver,” Dr. Rao said. “It becomes even more important to make sure the diet is as good as possible. Exercise, get enough oxygen, use Chinese herbs that support stress such as ashwagandha and rhodiola.”

1280px-Fluorescent_lamps_artistic7. Avoid halogen lighting, fluorescent tube and energy-efficient compact fluorescent lighting. All have intense EMF emissions.

“All of these are guilty of endocrine disruption. I think, I’d try not to use those for the main lighting. We do have choices in what we use,” Dr. Rao said, adding “They are getting safer, even in Europe … and the ones we have here are getting better in terms of lighting and what they are emitting.”

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