Dr. Ruth Roberts, DVM, CVA, CVH, CVFT 

Pet parents are always wondering what they can do to keep their pet healthier. Regular vet visits and careful preventative care are certainly important, but there is one key that will truly unlock the secret to great pet health: their diet. Feeding your pet a wholesome and balanced diet is the best way to fuel their body for good health, and protect them from illness and disease.

What nature intended: feeding your pet a wholesome and balanced diet

The food that’s best for your pet, is what their body is designed by nature to eat. Many people are surprised to hear that a raw diet is not the true “ancestral” diet for our pets (in fact, it can cause a mess of illnesses and health issues). The true natural diet for dogs and cats is a fully cooked diet comprised of meat, vegetables and whole grains.

Our pets evolved along with us, beginning at the earliest stages of man. The discovery of fire came long before, and so our ancestors (and our pets’) had the advantage of enjoying fully cooked foods. Pets were fed leftovers and scraps, right up until the invention of commercial pet food in the mid-nineteenth century.

The Beef with Commercial Pet Food

Commercial pet foods, like most processed food today, sacrifices nutrition for convenience. Sure, it’s easy enough to buy a bag or can of pet food from the shelf, pour some into your pet’s bowl, and call it a day. But what is really in that kibble?

Many of the ingredients in mass-produced pet food are bits that are unsuitable for human consumption. Lots of them contain fillers (like corn products), and ingredients that do little for your pet’s health and serve only to fill their bellies and bodies with empty calories. Ingredients in commercial foods are often falsely reported, which could be very dangerous to a pet with allergies.

Whenever a client asks me to recommend a commercial food, I usually have a great deal of difficulty doing so. Every brand of food that I’d previously thought was trustworthy, has had at least one recall in the last three to five years.

In addition to putting your pet at risk, commercial pet food is likely not providing full and balanced nutrition for your pet. The nutritional content of kibble is analyzed prior to cooking, before the cooking process removes a great majority of the vital minerals and micronutrients your pet needs. So, unless you are giving your dog or cat a daily multivitamin, the chances are high that there are plenty of spaces and gaps in their nutrition.

The Raw Truth

While a raw diet may avoid some contamination risks that come with mysteriously processed food, it doesn’t keep your pet out of the woods. There is a very high risk of salmonella and other bacteria-borne illness, especially if you’re feeding a commercially made raw diet.

Our pets’ bodies are not equipped to digest raw meat and plant material. Because they evolved eating cooked food, these raw ingredients put undue stress on your furry friend’s GI system. A dog or cat expends so much energy breaking down these uncooked foods, other systems of the body are left neglected and unable to function at 100 percent.

Leaky gut syndrome, IBS and IBD are extremely common in pets who are fed a raw diet. Any of these conditions undoubtedly lead to more, and worsening, health problems. When your pet is unable to properly digest and process their food, they’re missing out on vital nutrients.

Get Cooking

Feeding your pet a fully cooked homemade diet, created with wholesome ingredients, is the best way to get them on the road to good health. When your pet’s food is thoroughly cooked, their digestion process is much easier and more effective. This means they’re able to properly process and absorb all of the micronutrients that these great ingredients bring to the table.

When you make your pet’s food at home, you know exactly what’s going into their bowl at each and every meal. No mystery ingredients here. This factor is especially awesome for pets who may have food allergies or sensitivities. Pet parents can easily avoid the ingredients that their favorite furball can’t tolerate.

Home cooking for pets, especially with a certified balanced diet like The Original CrockPet Diet, provides more than a delicious meal for your furry friend. It brings peace of mind, knowing your pet’s food is making them healthier, instead of making them sick. Home cooked food also brings freedom from commercial pet foods fur-ever. Making your pet’s food at home gives you the freedom to choose and control the ingredients, and avoid contaminated foods. A home cooked diet provides your pet with unmatched nutrition, increased hydration, and what is ultimately the safest pet food on the planet.

Food for Thought, Food for Health

When I created The Original CrockPet Diet, I did it to help pets get healthier. I knew my patients needed real food, without any unexpected surprises. The result was a fully balanced pet diet, that can be tailored to fit any pet’s needs. I use this diet with each and every one of my patients, to provide tried and true diet therapy. Through food therapy, chronic illnesses and allergies can be significantly improved or reversed, in just a matter of weeks. Just imagine what it can do to keep your pet healthy!

So, are you ready to say goodbye to mystery ingredients and suspect kibbles? Ready for a healthier, happier pet (without the vet bills and harsh medications)? Take the next oh-so-easy step in your pet’s health journey, and try home cooking for your pet. And prepare to be amazed. The incredible benefits of fresh, whole food are everything your pet’s body needs to get healthy, and stay that way. Giving your pet’s body the tools it needs to function well is the first step in providing better health.  Always remember: Your Pet’s Best Health Begins in the Bowl.

Dr. Ruth Roberts, DVM, CVA, CVH, CVFT  is a holistic integrative veterinarian, who has been healing pets for over 28 years. With extensive knowledge and training in holistic veterinary therapies, she uses a combination of diet therapy, Chinese herbs and other natural methods to help cats and dogs recover from illness and enjoy their healthiest, happiest lives. Dr Ruth provides remote consultation for pets, guiding pet parents through effective and gentle treatment for their furry friends.

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