Dr. Bernie Siegel is the pioneer of ECaP, a form of individual and group therapy for cancer patients, utilizing patients drawings, dreams, images, and feelings, and a true believer of the healing power of positive thinking and love. Bernie argues that by helping patients view their mind and body as one entity, you can discover self-induced healing and trust your intuition to find the healing solutions that work for you.

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If you are struggling to live in between office visits and want to find a doctor that gives you permission to live life as your authentic self, Bernie is your answer. Today he shares how to decrease your chance of disease by fulfilling your own needs and wants ways to find meaning in the numbers that appear in your life, how to ask for help with humor and honesty, and much more. A doctor that encourages patients to tell their story and draw a picture to get in touch with their deeper spiritual emotions, Bernie finds meaning where others lack to look and helps his patients find the right path to healing for them.

By laughing for no reason, finding a community to support you in your struggles, and believing in your bodies ability to heal, Bernie is here to encourage you to be your own health advocate and get to the root causes of your inner dilemmas to heal your physical symptoms. It is time to be a responsible participant in your healthcare, not just a patient.

How has your relationship with your doctor or the power of a positive mindset impacted your disease prognosis? Let us know in the comments below!


In This Episode

  • Finding the power to help yourself survive by removing the blame
  • Understanding the nature of what constitutes a miracle and how to utilize one
  • Why you should be less concerned about being the ‘nice’ patient
  • Forgiving your past so that you can learn more and create a better future
  • The role intuition plays in helping patients find their voice in the medical space



“The diagnosis helps the doctor, but it doesn’t help the patient. But the key thing is the story, for it alone shows human background and human suffering, and only at that point can the doctor’s therapy begin to operate.” (7:11)

“We’re all going to die someday, but what adds to your longevity? It’s not just how you eat, its how you feel.” (19:59)

“There are no coincidences, it is meant to be that way, and it keeps teaching us, the open mind. Let things evolve and develop.” (40:47)

“I used to hug patients, and realized after a while that I was saying ‘I need to hug you’. And I realized I was saying ‘I need’ not ‘you need a hug’. And all of the patients when I would apologize would say, we knew you needed a hug, so we gave it to you. They were helping me survive.” (47:45)

“To give up all desires, what does that do to you? It changes your life so that now you are here to help.” (1:04:59)



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