After unhealthy relationships with others and himself in his childhood started impacting his relationships as an adult, Stefanos Sifandos decided to take a good look at the intimate relationships within his life and the role his masculinity played in his self-perception. A coach who is deeply immersed in men’s empowerment, Stefanos works to create a space of non-judgment for men to express who they are instead of going into their suppressed shadow.

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In a world that is increasingly supportive of the women’s empowerment movement, men can often be left behind. This episode is dedicated to promoting balance and power in love and life for both sexes and gaining tools to help lift each other up and become intrinsically healthy individuals.

If you would like to explore what a healthy relationship with yourself and others looks like, join in on the conversation of gender fluidity and the expressive states of masculinity and feminity or just want to hear a male perspective on the state of masculinity in our world today, Stefanos is the expert you need to hear from. 

Are you ready to open yourself or help a man in your life embrace vulnerability, self-compassion, and self-love? Share what you found most refreshing about Stefanos perspective in the comments section.


In This Episode

  • Explore what it means to be a healthy man or woman in our modern world
  • Learn how we as a society can move past segregation and into prosperity
  • Addressing the internal war going on inside many contemporary men
  • The importance of a healthy support system of other human beings
  • Understanding the role of security and freedom in relationship roles



“I am such an advocate for healthy relationships to self, to others and to ideas and to our beliefs and our values actually being something of great healing potential for the planet and our collective humanity and our collective consciousness.” (5:09) 

“Understanding where I came from helped me actually stop that behavior, and redirect my energy into something that was healthy and productive and very transparent.” (18:34)

“We are in a time of great peace, we are in a time of great feminine energy actually, so adapting healthy masculine ways to be in conjunction with the world that we live in is very important.” (25:05)

“It comes down to mutual connection and mutual communication and collaboration.” (33:04)

“We can’t separate our psychology from our biology and vice versa. That is why when we speak to masculinity and femininity and male and female beyond the notion of binary gender, there is a blending that is taking place. And we are at the forefront. Where is it going? I don’t know, but I am very interested to find out that is for sure.” (40:52)



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