Gay and Katie Hendricks have learned a lot about relationship transformation and body intelligence in their 40 years as a couple. They harnessed their ability to translate powerful concepts into life-changing skills that you can easily integrate to start giving yourself the loving attention and nourishment you deserve.

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Gay and Katie have written over 40 books to help individuals and couples who struggle with basic relationship problems, including inequality that results from not loving yourself enough. This couple preaches the need for generating your healing from the inside out while learning to properly express your emotions and have an open appreciation for the world around you.

In each of us, there is an urge to feel connected and feel unity and also an urge to be individual and have a direct relationship with life and the universe. This is why Gay and Katie have dedicated themselves to helping people just like you figure out the balance in their lives and create something special that is unique to you and your partnership.

At the end of the day, love is the only thing that allows us to become whole, and see others as a whole as well. By understanding your underlying emotions, getting rid of your fear and coming into presence, your intuitive voice can shine through and lead you to a healthier and happier version of yourself. How does Gay and Katie’s relationship inspire you? Let us know in the comments.

In This Episode

  • How to discover the inner essence of your true self and bring it outside
  • The necessity of taking space for yourself and listening to signals from your body
  • Creating a space where you can be your authentic self together in your relationship
  • Embracing your whole body intuition to create inner space and clarity
  • Paying attention to how you are listening and dropping your shields



“The intention to love yourself first really opens the portals to all other kinds of magic” (4:38) – Katie

“It became very important for me to learn how to own certain things in myself, rather than putting them out there when I was angry, scared and sad” (10:17) – Gay

“To me, the most exciting thing in life is learning something new and I think people need to get sold on learning new things about relationships” (19:37) – Gay

“Since the day I have met you I have never been bored. And one of the reasons is that we are always learning something and discovering something and sharing that discovery with each other” (20:06) – Katie

“I think one of the things we all need to do is open our hearts a little bit bigger and listen a little more generously. First to ourselves but then also to the people in our lives as well” (30:48) – Gay

“Intuition is really fostered by learning how to love yourself and giving yourself attention, but also being in alignment with your feelings and your expression” (37:02) – Katie



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