For myself and many others, meditation can seem slightly intimidating if you do not know where to begin. Emily Fletcher has brought her unique way of looking at meditation to countless high profile clients through her company, Ziva Meditation, and is here to help us embrace the ease of meditation.

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Emily has created a fresh spin on meditation that makes it enjoyable and energizing. A believer in allowing thoughts to flow freely through your head, replacing your caffeine buzz with meditation energy and gaining the tools to find your own happiness internally, Emily is here to shine a light on new and improved ways to meditate with the Ziva Technique.

Meditation can have many benefits including eradicating stress, relieving migraines, clearing brain fog and improving relationships. Emily is proof that when you understand what is right for your body and use mediation as a tool to become more prepared to deal with any crisis, you can increase your sensory perception in everything you do.

How we care for ourselves impacts how we interact with the environment and people around us. It is possible to get all of the benefits of meditation without fully clearing your mind, being an expert and still drinking coffee, all you have to do is start. Let us know if mediation is a part of your daily routine in the comments section.


In This Episode

  • Reframing meditation as a performance and productivity tool
  • Understanding the science behind energy, caffeine, and meditation
  • Looking at mindfulness, meditation and manifesting as a three-course meal
  • How meditation can improve your sex drive, overall health, and life longevity
  • The Ripple Effect and how meditation can help bring you ultimate clarity



“The mind thinks involuntarily just like the heart beats involuntarily. Trying to give your brain a command to be silent is as impactful as trying to command your heart to stop beating, it doesn’t work.” (2:45)

“If you are achieving at this level when your body and brain are riddled with stress, let’s just think about how much you could achieve if we took the rock out of your shoe.” (11:58)

“If the people around you are happy, and present and fun and creative, it is going to make your life better. And so the question is really, which kind of person do you want to be?” (14:12)

“I think instead of chasing youth, if we started chasing health, we could look amazing and strong and radiant no matter what our age is.” (26:56)

“If there was a pill that did this, everyone would take it. It would be a multi-trillion dollar business. But there is no pill, you actually have to do something, you actually have to sit still, you actually have to feel your feelings.” (28:57)



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