ThaliaCharney 0141-Edit_webDr. Charney (inactive) has been practicing Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto for the past 14 years. Based on her own personal health triumphs, her healing advice has always been firmly rooted in the old adage, Food Is Your Best Medicine. Although she has been pleased by the personal successes of her patients who have committed themselves to truly creating a foundation for good health, she has also become increasingly aware of the limitations around food and healing in a culture where we are acutely disconnected from our foods. She has come to believe that access to healthy food can only be secured when we become more conscious about the stories around our
foods. And when we know those stories we cannot help but become impassioned and political about what we eat. In an attempt to open our eyes she has spent the last 4 years writing a four book series. The Confident Food Shopper: The Guide to Food Labels and Fables, expected around July of this year, is from where she draws much of her content today. The renowned Dr. Shiv Chopra, a huge advocate for transparency around food and the author of Corrupt to the Core, calls her book, “A ready encyclopedia on the best and worst of food labels.” Thalia’s branding of herself as The Classroom Doc speaks to her profound belief in the role of “Doctor as Teacher”. She wants not only to educate people but aspires to get them excited about food and hopefully a lot more critical about the information they get from food packages, food companies, media and yes… even Health Canada. She is delighted to have a captive audience and welcomes you questions and curiosity today and in future


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