When working to heal your life with love, it is important to take care of all aspects of yourself, including your physical body. Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is a functional medicine doctor who focuses on muscle centric medicine and is here today to help you level up your body and your mind.

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Did you know that your skeletal muscle is the largest organ in the body, and can be the key to longevity and optimal health? Often as women, we are told to start small or are encouraged to try something else. Instead, Dr. Gabrielle works with her clients to push muscle as medicine to help you feel stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. 

We are only as strong as our weakest link, and Dr. Gabrielle pushes a curriculum of eradicating your own excuses, checking in with your internal dialogue, and using resistance exercises and dietary protein to support healthy muscle growth. When you take responsibility for your own health you can create the perfect environment for you to heal.

If you are looking for a specific plan to help you build muscle, or want to change the way you relate to physical exercise, Dr. Gabrielle is the perfect woman to inspire you to take that next step. Stop enabling yourself and start becoming more capable with the tips from this episode. 

Are you ready to create optimal body composition for yourself through muscle tissue, nutrition, and mindset? Share what inspired you most about Dr. Gabrielle’s work in the comments below. 


In This Episode

  • Finding a new love for your body through physical and mental strength 
  • How building and maintaining muscle can help you age gracefully
  • The profound importance of internal dialogue and the stories you tell yourself
  • Exploring your many options to increase the protein in your daily diet 
  • How to manage your emotional experience and execute based on discipline 



“Physical strength requires mental strength. There is this concept of pushing through the resistance, we think of muscle as this organ of locomotion solely. But really it is this muscle that requires so much more.” (4:36)

“What I really want to identify in my patients is where they are weak. Where they are telling themselves stories, where they are self-sabotaging or defeating within themselves their internal dialogue.” (12:06)

“If I am teaching people about muscle and teaching people about wellness, it is of vital importance for me to be in alignment with what I am saying.” (21:01)

“It’s the same four stories that you are probably playing over and over again. I would challenge you to make your new favorite sport catch and release.” (38:07)



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