Dr. Javier Palacios is a naturopathic physician who focuses on craniosacral and botanical medicine to address the ways our bodies tell us they need attention, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Dr. Palacious works to balance his patient’s body, mind, and vitality through ancient ways of healing and self-awareness practices. 

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Today Dr. Palacios is here to reintroduce us to the ancient healing ways of our ancestors and help us create harmony between our outside environments and the person within. Dr. Palacios believes that by embracing experiential self-awareness you can begin to seek answers from within yourself instead of seeking external validation. 

Learn how our modern lifestyles are impacting our abilities to heal, the ancient reason behind springtime allergies, the importance of being healed as a person rather than an object, and much more as we dive into the wisdom of the ancients. 

Is it time for you to shed your modern distractions and tap into the inner knowledge you have had all along? Share what you loved most about Dr. Palacios’s energy in the comments below.


In This Episode

  • Ways that you can become more self-aware and listen from within
  • Practices to help you get back into sync with the cycles of nature
  • Using the seasons to develop self-awareness into how our bodies respond
  • Embracing a new form of meditation that enhances self-awareness
  • Understanding how the ancients embraced healing versus how we see it now



“You can not intellectualize states of being, you have to be what you show, you have to be the message. And then others will understand it without a single word.” (7:25)

“The questions do come, it is just a matter of listening, and the more silent you are the more you will be able to listen.” (11:36)

“That is something that every good doctor knows, he looks at the patient and he sees where he’s sick.” (27:41)

“Breathe, remember yourself, practice the self-awareness techniques whenever you are feeling more of the chaos coming back. Because it does happen, kind of like an addiction happens.” (34:06)



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  • Eva

    Hello, I’m loving your podcasts and I find them always intriguing and fascinating – thank you.
    On this episode I just wanted to say that although I get the point of the need to take moments in our days to connect fully with all our senses and experience what and where we are at , I feel that the “western” style of meditation mentioned (crosses legs, spine straight…) is not really western, but come from a very ancient yogi tradition and has the potential to uncover very precious jewels hiding inside us. I do think that there is a need and a space for both and one is not necessarily better than the other or should come before the other. They can go hand in hand and allow us to deepen our connection with ourselves and the world around us in different ways.
    Hope you understand what I’m trying to say. Thank you again very much for all your amazing work and teachings.

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