During this unprecedented time in history, it is important now more than ever to stop judging yourself and start nourishing your mind, body, and spirit. Dr. Kristy Lewis is a naturopathic doctor who is here today to share her insightful and loving point of view on how you can take care of yourself in general and especially during this time. 

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Doing more, pushing yourself to be productive, and shaming ourselves for our bad habits are not sustainable ways to get through this pandemic. Instead, Dr. Kristy wants you to give yourself permission to just be rather than doing. By focusing on who you want to be during this pandemic instead of what you want to do, you can connect to your higher sense of self and find anchors to give you structure. 

This episode is all about making choices that are going to keep you in harmony with your body so that you can support some of the chaos that may be happening in your mind and your heart. Everything from relaxation techniques to help with your anxiety to self-care rituals that can help you heal is on the table today as we get back to basics. 

By focusing on your foundational health you can recognize your emotions and support yourself in a way that works for you. Instead of creating a negative storyline, Dr. Kristy is here to help you accept who you are without shame and support you while learning different choices that may be more nourishing. 

Are you ready to stop judging yourself and start supporting your mind, body, and spirit so that you can get to where you want to be within yourself? Share how you are implementing some of Dr. Kristy’s techniques during the pandemic with us in the comments below.

In This Episode

  • Tips to stop judging yourself and ways to start nourishing yourself start
  • Why you need to adopt a mindfulness practice now more than ever
  • Ways to deal with your fear rather than repressing or being overwhelmed by it
  • How to adjust your self-care routine during the current pandemic 
  • The most important aspects of healing and understanding what drives you


“Inevitably, we do have to feel. We are going to have to feel what is going on here, and that is acceptance.” (5:27)

“What we want to have the ability to do is to call the fear and then be intelligent and then say ‘okay, now I am going to be kind to myself, I am going to soothe myself, I am going to make choices that are loving towards myself because I feel fear’. As opposed to creating a long storyline which typically creates more suffering.” (20:07)

“The biggest gift we can give ourselves is to accept ourselves regardless.” (23:03)

“Our number one job right now as humans is to stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit. And I think if we realize that maybe isn’t the language that is being communicated to us, but that is the message, it’s about all staying healthy for ourselves and one another.” (30:29)

“Its more of that reminding of saying yes to what’s going on here, saying yes to the feelings that are coming up, saying the ability to accept, serenity. Can I accept what I can’t control and can I shift the things that I can with love and compassion?” (34:40)

“Love is medicine is giving and receiving love to others, but also for yourself.” (42:59)


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