Dr. Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist, author of 85 scientific papers and 12 books. He is most well known for his hypothesis on morphic resonance and his work studying plants and morphogenesis. Dr. Sheldrake works to bridge the gap between our consciousness and the vital force of the Earth through his experiments and research and is here today to discuss how we can use morphic resonance, epigenetics, and spirituality to better understand our own actions.

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Join us as we discover the role morphogenetic fields play in how plants develop, ways that morphic resonance creates a collective shared memory that can be inherited across time and space, and how to better connect with the world around you through nature. 

Learn why Dr. Sheldrake views sports as a spiritual experience, understand the role near-death experiences and telepathy play in your consciousness, and ways to break free from your mundane patterns to feel part of something greater than yourself. 

The known fields of physics are intrinsically holistic, and by understanding our ability to harness morphic resonance and morphogenesis you can become truly in touch with your higher self. What did you learn from Dr. Sheldrake on this episode? Share with us in the comments below. 


In This Episode

  • Explore the role morphic resonance, genes, and epigenetics play in inheritance 
  • How to use spirtuality and spontaneous experience to lead you to go beyond
  • Understanding how traits and experiences can be inherited intergenerationally 
  • Ways to sequence your genomes to determine inherited traits and instincts 
  • Observing the roles biology and spirituality play in phantom limbs, fasting and more



“This was a convergence of the scientific side of my life and the spiritual practice side of my life, and it seems to make such good sense to bring these together.” (6:57)

“In a building, you have bricks and cement and mortar and other building materials. Those are all very necessary, but the way they are arranged depends on the architect’s plan. And that is more what the morphogenetic fields do.” (11:00)

“Morphic resonance and genes and epigenetics all play a part in inheritance. And you need all three for an inheritance to work properly.” (22:42)

“The field of consciousness is really a field of possibility. And consciousness is about a choice between possibilities.” (29:33)

“In certain kinds of spiritual state, we feel that sense of being part of a far vastly greater consciousness than our own. And that is the basis of mystical experiences, or what I call ways to go beyond.” (42:41)



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