After getting fired from her dream job on the night before Christmas eve, Lisa Sasevich realized that many people were going about their lives without using their own unique values. To aid others in the search for finding their purpose, Lisa created The Invisible Close, a home-based business that has generated more than 40 million dollars in sales and has taught over 15,000 mission-driven entrepreneurs how to harness their million-dollar value in 134 countries. 

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Finding your unique purpose, and leveraging it into a way to make money and make a difference in the world may seem like a daunting task, which is why Lisa has created her Meant For More program. A proven formula to make your life full of experiences in a way that makes a difference in the world while making money, Meant For More is the key you have been looking for in order to start saying yes to yourself.

If you love what you do but hate the idea of selling yourself, Lisa is here to provide actionable strategies to help you develop the skills to speak your transformation clearly and make your offer irresistible. Knowing your unique value,  nailing your offer and focusing on what is easy for you and hard for others are all necessary steps to staying on the path for your meant for more, and with Lisa’s refreshing perspective you can embrace what you are truly capable of without fear of failure.

Life is not a dress rehearsal, and you own it to yourself to fill your life with ‘dones’ rather than shoulda-woulda-coulda’s. Are you ready to find your ‘meant for more’? Share your thoughts on your unique value with us in the comments below. 


In This Episode

  • How to discover your million-dollar value and get on your dime for success
  • Why you need to be the client that you are trying to attract in order to attract positivity
  • Tips for separating your irresistible offer from your own self-worth
  • The importance of finding your purpose and harnessing your unique value
  • Fun and easy ways that you can start looking for your own unique value today



“Really it’s just about getting started, it’s about starting to notice what is your unique value, what is that perfect recipe that your whole life adds up too? That if you wanted to you could unveil and help more people, you could make money as a profession with it, there is just so much possible when we start to pay attention to all of that.” (12:46)

“If you can show them that you can offer the transformation that they are looking for, then it really becomes about them saying yes to themselves, it’s not about them saying yes to you.” (19:29)

“It’s not about introvert or extrovert and it’s not about personality. Here is the good news, it’s really just about following a structure.” (25:29)

“There have been so many people that I have helped over the years that had no idea they were sitting on a gold mine with the knowledge they already had from their personal path.” (33:20)

“What if you could be paid the most for that which comes the easiest to you?” (40:10)



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