Lynne McTaggart is an expert in the power of intention and uses the great magnetic energy field that we are surrounded by to help harness healing for others. An award-winning author, member of the Transformational Leadership Council and a central voice in the new consciousness movement, Lynne works with the healing powers of nature to understand the great mysteries of the Universe and help others come out the other side wiser. Today Lynne is laying out a road map to the science of greatness and how to manifest it for yourself.

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The Power of Eight and the Intention Experiments helped Lynne and her peers realize the immense power that thinking, intending and praying for someone else can have on your consciousness. By harnessing your power of intention and getting off yourself Lynne believes that you can improve the career, health, relationships, finances, peace or life purpose of someone else, and in turn, feel the benefits yourself.

Instead of the self-indulgent self-help industry which focuses on introspection, Lynne believes with a little bit of altruism and intention exercises, you can heal yourself from the inside out by helping others. It is possible to use the power of intention to be coherent and specific about what you are sending out into the Universe so that you can experience the transformative outcomes. All you have to do is get off yourself and become part of something bigger. Lynne digs deep into the science, as well as the metaphysical, to stop denying the healing possibilities of the Universe.

Do you feel an innate connection with the Universe, your thoughts, and the way you relate to others? Share how often or little you use intention in your day to day life in the comments below.


In This Episode

  • How to turn down the negative thoughts in your brain by sending intention to others
  • The profound affect altruism can have on the body and immune system
  • Viewing the quantum energy field as a mechanism to be in touch with the cosmos
  • The difference between the power of intention in relationships and intending alone
  • Forming your own Group of Eight and practicing using intention with a purpose



“Healing can come in an instant and we are not used to thinking that. We are used to thinking it is a long, hard, and difficult road.” (15:39)

“I discovered over and over again that senders were experiencing almost as many healings as the recipients. So, something weird was going on and The Power of 8 is all about really trying to find out what was the ‘X factor’ here.” (18:36)

“We have somehow divorced that birthright we have of the ability to heal and to heal others. And we have separated that out from our lives and we now think we need somebody with a white coat on to do the job for us.” (19:10)

“Altruism is a total bulletproof vest. When you start doing for other people, the evidence shows, the science shows, that you are happier, healthier, and live longer than people who don’t.” (29:00)

“We were never meant to be alone, we were always meant to be part of a greater whole.” (34:09)



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  • Annie

    Dear Razi Berry,

    Your podcast is incredible. I listen to it all the time and it truly helps me! I was hoping you could do an episode on forgiveness. Specifically forgiving oneself. I find it easier to forgive other people when they have done me wrong, but I can’t seem to forgive myself when I make mistakes. Please consider it and thank you for all that you do!

    – Annie

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