ATHENS, Ga.  – A study from the University of Georgia is showing that taking a mix of phytochemicals with vitamin D may protect the liver from inflammation caused by fat accumulation in menopausal women, especially those on weight-loss supplements.

The research was published in the January edition of the journal Obesity.

The study states that many menopausal women turn to weight loss supplements to combat the results of change-of-life hormonal imbalances. Many of the popular weight-loss supplements may cause an accumulation of fat in the liver over time, and that leads to inflammation, which can be the source of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, a potentially life-threatening condition.

The studies at UGA have shown in post-menopausal animals that a mix of phytochemicals taken with vitamin D can help battle liver inflammation caused by the accumulation of fat. Those phytochemicals can typically be found in resveratrol (found in grapes and blueberries), genistein (found in soybeans), and a compound found in apple peel and onions called quercetin.

Researchers say it is impossible to get the correct amounts of these chemicals from supplements or diet alone, but when taken together they form a strong effect on fat and lessen the negative impact on the liver.

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