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It’s been 3 years since I’ve used shampoo and conditioner, with the exception of half a dozen times where I was away from the house and without supplies. It comes up a lot because now, more than ever, I get complimented on my hair.

Why, you ask? Well, what started as an experiment has turned into a little passion project and I’m happy to say I’ve converted all sorts of naysayers to the magic of the ‘no ‘poo’ way of life.

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  • TIME – I’m down to a wash every 4-5 days with some rinses in there
  • EFFORT – This mane needs attention when I have to wash all the time – way easier now
  • WASTE – No more new bottles of gunk, I now refill the ones I have so no garbage at all
  • HEALTH – There’s no question that the chemicals in products are cancerous, at best
  • MONEY – IT’s crazy how much is spent on this stuff, this on the other hand costs pennies
  • ENVIRONMENT – Less chemicals down the drain means less in the sewage system
  • BEAUTY – Say goodbye to dandruff and hello to soft, happy locks


– mug (may want to avoid glass if you’re a clutz like me, I stick with a mason jar ‘cause I’m a rebel like that)

– apple cider vinegar (organic, raw with the mother, ie. filaments that settle to the bottom)

– baking soda

– water (from the tap)

Step-By-Step Directions:

  1. Dump 1-2 tbsp of baking soda into mug (I do this outside of the shower before I go in)
  2. Add water and swish around so it’s mixed in then fill up and pour over roots
  3. Massage into scalp to exfoliate (NOTE: this does not lather like regular ‘poo)
  4. Rinse.
  5. Add 1-2 tbsp (dependent on length of hair) of ACV and add water
  6. Pour over head and rinse immediately. Rinse cup after and voila! You’re done.

Other things to consider:

– I don’t dye my hair, I used to but the upkeep wasn’t for me. I can’t guarantee results if you do.

– I no longer use mousse or hairspray or gel, but this will wash that stuff out for sure.

– I still straighten it out regularly, though I’d only do it on the day I ‘no ‘poo’, gets a little greasy if I try for a day or two afterwards.

– The scent of apple cider vinegar is a bit much for some folks, but it goes away once it dries.

– My hair is drier, so I’ll often throw some coconut oil on the ends or do a mask once a month or so.

– You may get addicted to this new process and as a result get grossed out by the sliminess and smell of regular products after a break from them.

Still not sure how to go about it? Check out this video I made for a little demo.

TarynDeane_HeadShots2014-181-mgon1lj6d3mhteesls0hqu933gsbtmwj57w7tjvauyDr. Taryn Deane ND provides honest healthcare by blending ancient principles with modern biomedicine to treat problems with skin, sex and self-esteem. She believes the key to a happy, healthy life is building resilience through balance, altruism, radiance and eco-consciousness.



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