Have you ever considered that the best way to address our society’s mental health struggles is through the embracement of our emotions instead of the shaming? Dr. Christina Bjorndal is leading authority in naturopathic treatment of mental illness and works with her clients to achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. An author of three books who has shared her philosophy of wellness with icons such as Jenny McCarthy, Dr. Chris is here to bring the conversation around naturopathic approaches to mental health and wellness to the forefront.

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Today Dr. Chris is here to provide a fully holistic approach to this topic, covering everything from the physical root macrosystem indicators of mental health issues to the spiritual state of your soul when it comes to mental health healing. Instead of being at war with yourself, Dr. Chris wants to encourage you to become loving and accepting of yourself by providing tips for true healing. 

By addressing mental health from a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, Dr. Chris is determined to teach you how to set boundaries, address your rising triggers and put your healing attention where love is needed. When you understand what is going on inside of your body, mind, and soul, Dr. Chris believes that you can let go of your attachments and connect yourself to the greater connection of the planet. 

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In This Episode

  • How to address mental health from a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level
  • Why you should become more comfortable living in the unresolved place
  • Learn why the problem lies not with your expectations but with your attachments
  • Tips for harnessing gratitude and using movement as a spiritual healing practice 
  • Explore the physical macrosystems involved in your bodies mental health conditions



“That’s all that God needs, is just one sincere surrendered moment when love matters more than anything and nothing else really matters.” (6:51)

“Anxiety, depression or sadness, these emotions, they don’t want to be healed by you, they want to be held and loved by you. Visualize them as lost children that are knocking on your door, and they are hungry and they are wet and their clothes are raged, they need to be welcomed into you, not have the door slammed shut in their face and locked away in some corner where you never look.” (13:34)

“This is the full range of human experience, and so if we are here to experience that full range of the human experience, then we need to embrace it all.” (16:38)

“People have to understand that this is an industry, and the food industry, the diet industry, even the health industry, wants people to be confused so that you’ll seek their guidance. And it is actually quite simple, we don’t have to complicate it, I think, to the degree that we do.” (21:35)

“Not everybody is going to like you, and that’s okay, what’s most important is, do you like you?” (35:52)



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