Dr. Drew Christensen is on a mission to bring the ‘heart’ back into medicine. Several years ago Dr. Christensen found himself stressed out, gaining weight, and with declining health. He decided to make the switch from family medicine to Functional Medicine and has since used a root-cause approach to healing his own health and many others.

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Heart Focused Medicine with Dr. Drew Christensen

After becoming a certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, opening Living Health MD and a trip to Eygpt that changed his understanding of the heart, Dr. Christensen became passionate about spending quality time with his patients to learn about their unique health issues and find their root causes. Through personalized care, lab testing, lifestyle interventions, and group coaching, Dr. Christensen is delighted to help patients turn things around and create lasting health.

How To Be True To Your Own Heart

Dr. Christensen believes that when it comes to matters of the heart, every factor needs to be evaluated. Our love, relationships, burdens and flow of our heart can have a large impact on the health of our hearts, which is why Dr. Christensen believes that true health starts from the heart. By living from the heart you can get in tune with the symphony of your body and get back to your reason why that comes from the heart and guides your whole body.

Why Starting From The Heart Can Create Lasting Change

In addition to heart-centered treatment such as labs, diet, and exercise, Dr. Christensen harness the power of change that comes from the heart for meaningful and lasting health. By listening to your heart, following the natural laws of the heart, and changing the flow of your heart, you can transform from a heavy heart to a lighter one, and start living from the heart to make a major difference in your life and those around you.

Are you ready to take responsibility for your health by looking inside and making a change of heart? Share how you embrace the intuitive knowledge of the heart with me in the comments below.

In This Episode

  • How to lighten your heart in order to move onto lasting health and a better way of living (10:10)
  • The most common causes of a heavy heart and steps you can take to address those issues (13:27)
  • Why a change of heart is the most significant way that you can start to take your health seriously (19:05)
  • The importance of becoming aware of your heart rate variability and how to do monitor it (23:52)
  • Steps you can take to start living healthy and increasing your gratitude (32:02)

Key Takeaways

In Order To Start Living From The Heart You Must:

  1. Start listening to the ‘reason why’ that is coming from deep inside your heart
  2. Trust in the innate wisdom and ultimate power of the flow of your heart
  3. Accept gratitude, forgiveness, and responsibility for your health and spread that flow to other people, even if they have wronged you


“I think we are all put on this Earth to do something beautiful to serve other people, and I think that purpose comes from our heart.” (4:52)

“A lot of times we forget about talking about love, relationships, our burdens that we are carrying, our burdens of judgment and blame, and our inability to forgive. All of those things weigh heavy on our hearts and are contributing to heart disease. And it is really part of the game, and a lot of us are not addressing those issues.” (13:04)

“When somebody goes through that experience of a change of heart, that’s when I know they are going to be okay. Because then they are able to continue all of those things we have been working on because they are then committed.” (19:12)

“If I ask them what their brain is telling them, I get a totally different list than if I ask them what their heart is telling them. So if we can listen to our hearts and follow our hearts, it makes all the difference.” (28:43)

“Living is an active process and sometimes we experience it passively, but we really need to be actively living. And if we are living healthier, then we are creating health and we are creating meaning in our lives.” (31:49)


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