We are all living in a situation that has never before happened in our lifetime, which can come with its fair share of challenges. Dr. Kristen Race is a child psychologist, self-described brain geek, and mindfulness expert who is here today to help you understand the power of the mind and how it can help heal your body. 

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Dr. Race wants to help you focus on the positives of our situation so that you can navigate the challenges facing you and your family with ease. When you understand how to switch your mindset you can start to respond to situations mindfully instead of reacting spontaneously. By using the PBR method and focusing on the connection between neuroscience, mindfulness, and small changes that can make a big difference, Dr. Race is here to help you focus on the upside.

Tips for parents with newborns, toddlers, and older children to help them stir their creativity, gain control and offset anxiety, ways that you can ease your depression and boost happiness and so much more are on the table today. Finding ways to laugh during Covid-19 you can help you manage your stress better and carry yourself through these difficult times. Looking for positivity in the time of Covid-19 is something that Dr. Race believes is a necessity, not a luxury, and she is here today to provide you with simple, actionable tips to help you address your hidden stressors and find clarity. 

Are you ready to gain some knowledge on how your brain works, discover ways to boost your family’s happiness, and start viewing all of the perspectives around Covid-19 with kindness? Share what your family has been doing to keep the positivity alive with us in the comments below. 

In This Episode

  • Learn how mindfulness impacts your brain and strengthen key structures
  • Simple ways to incorporate micro-mindfulness practices into your daily routine
  • How to counteract your negativity bias by looking for the upside of Covid-19
  • The critical importance of non-negotiable self-care during quarantine and beyond 
  • Why you need to encourage your kids to take ownership of their nutrition 


“But for me its the same mindfulness practices and tools that I had been using to navigate my busy life as a female entrepreneur, are the same ones I am coming back to now, even more so as we try to navigate this tricky time.” (6:04)

“I think of mindfulness as both formal and informal practices, but short simple practices that can be easily incorporated into your morning routine. Things that you can do while on a walk with your dog, around the dinner table with your kids, things you can incorporate into your skincare routine, your commute. So I am a lot about micro-mindfulness practices that you can integrate into what you already do.” (8:07)

“It is not a luxury to be looking for the good right now, it is a necessity.” (14:16)

“That gives kids a sense of control, a sense of stability that helps offset the anxiety. And it helps us all get to a point where we can start to feel more in a routine and feel more productive in this new normal.” (26:52)

“Whether you are the person that is buying all the toilet paper because that makes you feel better, or whether you are the person that is in denial, or whether you are the person that wants to go back to work right now, or wherever, we are all coming from different places. And just to view all of those perspectives with kindness. We are all doing the best we can.” (28:47)


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