Have you ever considered the power of good nutrition on your child’s mental health, learning aptitude and resilience? Jess Sherman is a former teacher, registered holistic nutritionist, and family health expert who specializes in nutrition for brain health and raising resilience in kids.

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Today Jess is here to reframe your understanding of resilience and provide you with practical tips to increasing resilience in your children. 

By viewing the brain and the body as one ecosystem, you can improve both the health and the stress tolerance of yourself and those you love. Jess dives into the importance of nourishment, connection and creating a family culture to help with everything from picky eaters to mental health. Jess provides a new set of tools that you have never leveraged before to hep you foster connection and nourishment in your kids.

If your children have demonstrated concerning behavior, are fussy eaters or you are just looking to increase your child’s resilience, Jess has the passion and expertise to provide you what you need to make the change. Who do you know that could benefit from Jess’s resources and knowledge? Share this episode with them and let us know in the comments below. 


In This Episode

  • Choices that you need to make to consciously turn your families health around 
  • Tips for creating a culture in your home that values the health of the body and the brain
  • How to adopt a more nourishing environment for your family through connection
  • Nourishing food suggestions to start introducing into your picky child’s diet
  • Game changers to help you take back control of your house and get un-stuck 



“Love is the ultimate language for kids, its the language for attachment, it’s the language where they feel comfortable and not stressed. And anything that interferes with that will cause more stress which is then going to start this spiral into effect where you get the nutrient deficiencies and then you get lower stress tolerance so you feel the stress more deeply and then they are caught in this vicious cycle.” (15:29)

“I realized that nobody was talking about the health of the body as being connected to the function of the brain and the mind. So if we were going to help kids develop into their best self, which is really what we wanted to do as teachers, we were missing this whole part of helping them understand their body and feed their body.” (18:18)

“Sometimes food isn’t the place to start, sometimes connection is the place to start.” (19:14)

“One of the best ways to take care of our own emotional needs is to nourish our own bodies, and it is the last thing we think about as a parent.” (31:17)

“We have got to just hold onto the vision that we have for our kids and for their health and the knowledge that we know more about nutrition than they do.” (35:18)



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  • Dr. BreAnna Guan

    Wonderful! I love this message of connection as nourishment! I think children are so longing for this nourishing attachment in family culture! Wonderful!

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