The aspect of community has been wildly overlooked as an essential human need that is integral to our health. Michelle Peris is a naturopathic doctor, community builder and women’s empowerment advocate who found true belonging in the naturopathic medicine realm and now works to share the healing powers of community with others.

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Feeling disconnected, lonely or stressed is proven to increase your risk of disease, impacting everything from your hormones to mental health. This is why Michelle is passionate about sharing the common stories of the human experience to help people on their healing journey. 

By creating a community focused on safety and the wellness process, Michelle helps her tribe satisfy their needs for a community so they can start taking steps to evolve. If you are looking to build up your intuition, get yourself out of a rut or find a new way to challenge the status quo, Michelle is here to provide simple ways for you to find your community. 

In what ways has your life been enhanced from being part of a community? Share your story with us in the comments below. 


In This Episode

  • What to do when you feel loneliness even when surrounded by people
  • How creating a collective sense of safety positively impacts your brain chemistry
  • Brave acts of self-care that you can do to connect with your community 
  • Ways to calm your nervous system and evoke a new sense of change
  • Tips to get out of your burnout and find the energy to connect with others



“There are so many avenues to healing that are so within our reach that it can have a huge impact on our health.” (9:42)

“The contagion of Rebel Tribe is bravery, and it is so beautiful to witness, but it takes time, but it is a beautiful phenomenon.” (25:25)

“I think right now its a bit rebellious to be connected and to be kind and be vibing at a new level. Because I think if our innate instincts are if we are lonely, that’s not the way we see things.” (30:34)

“Love and connection are essential and they are sources of medicine to help us thrive in our health, and they are things we can lean on if we don’t have access to anything else.” (40:12)



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