Ocean Robbins was born into the famous Baskin Robbins Family. A harsh brush with the reality of unhealthy diets changed Ocean, his parents, and eventually, his grandfather’s point of view and they have never looked back since. Now the CEO of the 500,000+ member Food Revolution Network, author, speaker, facilitator, father, dancer, and movement builder, Ocean is passionate about the necessary food revolution to regain the health of our nation.

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Key Takeaways

  1. Toxic chemicals that are routinely found in modern food are scientifically proven to contribute to disease, illness, and suffering
  2. You can simply enter the kingdom of vital, healthy living by eating foods which increase your health and overall longevity
  3. It is possible to promote healthy food as the norm and the foundation for health, and it can actually be cheaper than toxic foods are now

Getting Your Health Back Through Whole Foods with Ocean Robbins

Ocean believes that there are two most important days of your life, the day you are born and the day you discover why you were born. His calling is to help others regain their health through healthy, delicious, sustainable food for everyone. Eating healthy is not just enough for Ocean; he wants to spread this knowledge to prevent suffering and increase the human population’s longevity.

Systemically Changing The Way We View Food For The Greater Good

Everything from changing government subsidies around food policies, to the way our medical system is trained to treat disease rather than create a foundation of health, and the healing power of gratitude is on the table today as we dive into the passionate work of Ocean Robbins. By eating with consciousness, bringing joy to everything in our lives, especially food, and highlighting the four pillars for a healthy life, it is possible to stand up, make a change, and get informed about the longterm effects of the foods you are putting into your body.

How To Start A Food Revolution Through Love

Despite a person’s political perspectives, ideologies, or faith backgrounds, the human body generally responds to food in pretty predictable ways. Ocean views this as an opportunity to work with people from all nationalities and value systems to bring together a common denominator, healthy eating. Expressing love through food is Oceans’ answer to the toxic food system that is so prevalent in our country and the world, and he is calling upon you to join him.

Do you feel passionate to call the population to action in regards to the disease-causing foods our society is eating? Are you ready to join the Food Revolution? Share your favorite part of Oceans’ passion project below.

In This Episode

  • Why a food revolution is a key to long-lasting health and wellness globally (10:10)
  • How the standard American diet could be ruining your health and increasing your likelihood of disease (12:00)
  • The connection between GMOs, our digestive tracts and food allergies in children (22:10)
  • How to activate in the heart of humanity a stand for a food revolution through love (28:03)
  • Ways that you can eat healthy food that tastes great without breaking the bank (34:57)


“There are a lot of people out there who don’t get a second chance, like my dad’s uncle Burt, and they don’t know until it is too late. And then there are some people who do get a second chance, and they take it. And I want to help more people take their chances without even having to be on death’s door.” (5:30)

“To eat real, whole, natural, sustainable food, is actually revolutionary. It actually takes being radical and transforming the norms. Because our convenience foods, our fast foods, our school foods, our hospital foods, are all serving what quite frankly is food-like substances.” (11:10)

“Wherever you stand and whatever your health history is it’s going to have an impact on what’s right for you. But broadly speaking, in the broad terms of things, we can see that eating a diet that is based around more plants and more whole foods is going to be beneficial for the vast majority of humanity.” (22:02)

“I think love is a great place to start. Because when we love, we have a reason to live. And when we have a reason to live, then suddenly we care for ourselves, and we care for our loved ones, and we care for life.” (28:24)

“Everybody deserves love, that’s the bottom line. And with food is a wonderful place to express that, because everybody eats. And so I get the beautiful opportunity in my work to share about healthy eating with everybody.”(32:37)

“I want to see a world where food is taken seriously, where the food industry takes health seriously, and where science guides the choices that people are encouraged to make around food, not industry profits.” (43:17)


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