What is grit? When we think of the traits associated with grit we also thing of perseverance and determination and someone who won’t give up. While grit has many definitions, only you have the knowledge to answer for yourself whether you should give up or keep going. 

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It is only by listening to the messages that your body is sending you that you can know when you should use your grittiness to find sustained attention and focus. By ignoring the distractions of goals that conflict with your long term objectives, fostering your grit and improving your attention span, you can find rewards in the act of pushing forward instead of giving up. 

How do you foster grit? Does it play an active role in how you push through obstacles in your life? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!


In This Episode

  • Understanding the positive and negative connotations associated with grit
  • Why those with grit are often more successful than their counterparts
  • How to ensure your children grow up as gritty as previous generations
  • Ways to harness your inner knowing and listen to the messages from your body
  • Learn why grit can be a positive aspect when struggling with chronic medical conditions



“There was a doubt I had in their opinion of my body, even when their educated voices reverberated in my eardrums, there was something that resonated within me that said they were wrong. I knew better.” (3:16)

“I believe that grit is actually a choice. Things are always going to try to take us off our path, but grit is just moving forward, keeping on.” (9:53)

“For me, the key here is to really listen in to my intuition. That answer is always inside. We know which battles are worth fighting and which battles we need and should attempt to win.” (13:53)



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