Have you ever thought of yourself as a substance that attracts or repels others through your energy, frequency, and vibration? Robyn Openshaw is an expert in helping others unlock their energetic frequencies and leverage the positivity that can come as a result. A former psychotherapist, university professor, and lecturer, Robyn has authored over 15 books including her latest book, Vibe, which helps others unlock the power of energetic frequencies.

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When we are able to build our bodies out of higher vibration materials, you automatically begin to attract those vibrating at the same level as you. This can be accomplished through nutrition, mindset and modified fasting to suit each individual while delivering unmistakeable results including weight loss and the relief from anxiety and depression. 

If you want the secrets to the Universe, Robyn is here to help show you the way and develop your intuition so that you can rebuild your cells, reverse disease and find true happiness. By understanding what is happening on a metaphysical level when you are built of high frequencies and vibrations, you can harness this incredible power to become present in your relationships and your life.

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In This Episode

  • Why modified fasting is the most exciting wellness information of the century
  • Getting clear on other people’s reactions to your lifestyle changes
  • Addressing our shame around food and leaving the love door open
  • How to get the health benefits of fasting without going hungry
  • Explore the benefits of autophagy and how to live your normal life while fasting



“I watched my grandmother live with a 95% fatal cancer, not doing what her medical doctor said. And I watched my uncle do exactly what his medical doctor said and leave 3 children an orphan 18 months later when he died of the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.” (6:35)

“A substance of a higher frequency can cause a substance of a higher frequency to increase, consider yourself a substance.” (20:10)

“Discovering that modified fasting can achieve the same health benefits is, I think, the most exciting thing we have discovered in this century so far.” (25:36)

“They were doing the math and they were like wait, I just lost 4 pounds, and it was easy, if I did this once a month, I could lose 48 pounds in a year and I am only focusing on 3 days a month.” (33:35)

“The way that we treat others, the way that we treat ourselves, the thing that we do with our mind when we are alone, they all create a higher vibration of being that can love others better.” (35:11)



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  • Jason Uttley

    Workin’ 100 down, and the people, stories, and info are a world of much NEEDED good in my life.
    Thanks for being the Hostess with the Mostest, as your own personal experiences re-enforce the feelings and views that I already knew, without really knowing. 💥💝🤫🐸

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