(NaturalPath) In an online article, the Wall Street Journal delved into the emerging controversy surrounding antibacterial soaps and whether they are doing more harm than good. The Food and Drug Administration may make companies who sell antibacterial soaps with certain ingredients reformulate their products. Some of the big manufacturers have already taken that step, citing public concerns. They also may need to remove some claims from their labels.

One common ingredient in antibacterial soap is Triclosan. Studies have suggested it can interfere with hormones and cause changes in thyroid, reproductive-growth and developmental systems.

The FDA review covers 22 chemicals has the $30 billion cleaning-products industry saying the products are safe and more effective than regular soap and environmental groups and some scientists saying, better to be safe than sorry and stick to regular soap since they claim antibacterial soap is no more effective and can have some negative side effects.

For more information, read the full Wall Street Journal story.


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