ATLANTA – While reports of avian flu are hitting farms out west, the CDC in Atlanta says there have been no cases in humans, yet.

The HPAI H5 virus was first detected in American birds in December in both backyard and captive wild birds and is continuing to be reported through April, but the only reported human cases have been in other countries, according to the CDC.

These infections can be lethal.

The HPAI H5 virus is transmitted via prolonged contact with bird excretions/secretions such as droppings or oral fluids.

There is a possibility of human infection in the United States, therefore the CDC has issued guidance for clinicians and public health professionals

Appropriate follow-up protocols, preventive treatment, testing, specimen collection and processing of samples from patients who may be infected with H5 viruses or have been in close contact with state health departments from all 16 states that have detected H5 in birds are provided.

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