After seven years of suffering from chronic nerve pain that left her bedridden, Dr. Brandy Gillmore decided to stop listening to the doctors saying ‘there was nothing that could be done’ and take her healing measures into her own hands. Fascinated by the power of placebo, and eventually finding true physical healing through mental stimulation, Dr. Gillmore has been on the path to sharing this knowledge with others ever since.

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We all know that emotions can influence the physical body, like when you are scared to death or too anxious to talk, but Dr. Gillmore has taken this phenomenon and harnessed it into the ability to heal your physical symptoms using only the power of your mind and emotions.

Like any problem she experienced in network engineering, Dr. Gillmore decided to break her problems down into their simplest forms and find powerful yet easy ways to help the body solely with the power of the mind. When you are able to release your chronic pain through means of the mind, you can stop blocking love and start embracing it.

If you are looking to find positive energy but don’t know where to start, are hoping to create a better vision of your life or want to address the physical pain that your mental blocks are causing you, Dr. Gillmore is the expert for you.

How do your emotions and mental chatter influence your physical body and any symptoms that come along with it? Share where you are at on your journey in the comments below!


In This Episode

  • Examine which emotions are impacting your physical body and how to change them
  • Gain a new perspective on how to work with your mind to find total body healing
  • Exploring the power of placebo and why it works when it works
  • Simple things you can do to get out of the emotions that you need to change
  • Understanding what makes your body work in order to get consistent results



“It was a known fact that a certain percentage of people could get better from just the placebo. And so that’s what opened my entire journey of self-healing and healing with the mind.” (7:07)

“It didn’t make sense to me that logically we could see that emotions could impact us to the point of death, and it was nowhere in our health system. And not only that, but that 8 emotions could impact the physical body and the rest of them didn’t do anything. That didn’t make sense either so that’s the path I started going down.” (15:29)

“I started taking people who were in chronic pain, and showing them how to release the chronic pain in minutes using just their mind, so they could actually see the results.” (22:09)

“When we let go of hurt, of negativity, of all this stuff, not only do we feel better and happier, but the way it attracts  changes in our life is truly incredible.” (32:52)

“A plant needs food, where you give it fertilizer, it needs water, and it needs the sun, which is energy. And we as human beings, we need food and we need water and we need love.” (41:30)



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