When we under nourish ourselves it can wreak havoc on our hormones, energy levels, and overall happiness, which is why it is so important to take a holistic approach to heal your entire body. This is the concept behind Dr. Brooke Kalanick’s new book,Hangry: 5 Simple Steps to Balance Your Hormones and Restore Your Joy.

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We have all been hangry before, and Dr. Brooke has created a foolproof framework to help you get it all done while honoring yourself at the same time. A naturopathic and functional medicine doctor, Dr. Brooke works to help women reset their heads, hormones, and habits to feel at home in their bodies. 

Dr. Brooke is here to provide golden nuggets of information and help you make time and space to be who you are. Learn about the hormone hierarchy, how you can empower yourself to feel better in as little as one hour, and specific tools that you can adopt into your total body healing process today. 

The self-described ‘anti-guru’, Dr. Brooke is an advocate for taking care of yourself, being who you are, and finding little ways to love yourself. If you want to gain a clearer picture of what is going on with your hormones, how to tap into your bodily intuition or ways to create individualized care, Dr. Brooke is the expert for you. 

How did Dr. Brookes’s wisdom help you when navigating the overwhelming waters of hormone information? Share with us in the comments below. 


In This Episode

  • Learn to listen to your hormones and what your symptoms are trying to tell you
  • How to honor your hormone issues and work within the hormone hierarchy
  • What to do if you have inflammation that you cannot explain or fix
  • Specific pillars, habits, acronyms, and lifestyle hacks to start implementing today
  • Giving women permission to pay attention to their bodily intuition and awareness



“There is no shortage of information, but there is a whole lot more confusion and overwhelm probably in a lot of ways than there was before.” (8:10)

“We are so worried about what everybody thinks, we overextend ourselves, we are always worried about how that will make us look if we say ‘no’ to somebody, and we need to get better at all of that because otherwise, we are creating a whole lot of stress, cortisol release, inflammation, all of it.” (13:31)

“We’re the anti-gurus, we are so imperfect, we are so right there with the women who listen to us, we are kind of right there with you. We had to choose our health, our families, our marriages, and the other things that really matter above pushing this book out there, and that’s okay.” (18:55)

“It’s so worth it for you to feel like ‘I can just listen to myself and honor what works for me’, and not get so caught up in what’s working for someone else, or again what may be very well based in good science, it just doesn’t land well for you with your goals, your hormone imbalances and your particular set of stuff right now.” (26:15)

“I think as women we often want to go back to ‘well that worked really well for me last time’. And then we try it and it doesn’t work so well for us this time because we are in a different place right now. Hormones change and we got to be able to roll with that.” (38:30)



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