We have all felt that internal sickness of having something in the world that you want to do or want to stop doing, that feels impossible. Dr. Shiroko Sokitch is living proof that healing is possible even when it seems unattainable, and is here today to share tools to help you overcome whatever you are struggling even if it feels inconceivable.

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Combining her background in conventional Western medicine with her passion for Chinese medicine, Shiroko uses a deep spiritual and emotional healing approach to assist your energy in becoming balanced. She works to find balance in your body by providing it the right fuel, positive self-talk, and quiet contemplation.

Shiroko believes that the point of life is to overcome our wounds to become more open and loving. Even when the messages in our lives are tuned in the opposite direction, by looking deep inside yourself you can find trust in the process and persevere through your obstacles like a superhero.

By looking at your immune system, nervous system and hormonal systems as the starting point, and harnessing love and acceptance for your health, Shiroko is here to help change your attitude and bring a healing force into your life.

Are you ready to embrace this difficult time in your life as a spiritual journey, and come out of your seemingly impossible situation with nothing but love and peace? Share what steps you are taking to listen to your body and spirit as your ultimate school in the comments below!


In This Episode

  • Which seven tools you need to embrace immediately in order to beat the odds
  • Learn ways to help you become aware of your purpose and fill your life with pleasure
  • How to choose your own unique lifestyle that starts from what you know about your body
  • Ways to find your way back to true love after having your heart broken
  • Understanding how your emotions are connected to specific parts of your body



“If the Earth created it, then there is a solution here on Earth.” (7:55)

“Having a broken heart and then finding your way back to love is amazing.” (12:09)

“If you have an immune system, a nervous system and a hormone system that is functioning, then you can heal from anything.” (18:05)

“Never give up your hope, because that is the nature of who we are, we get these challenges that seem impossible and yet we keep going.” (29:55)



Healing When It Seems Impossible by Dr. Shiroko Sokitch

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