Amanda Testa is a sex, love and relationship coach who noticed that the women she saw were all struggling to find self-love and embrace the feminine fire within. As a result, Amanda created Fine Your Feminine Fire, a process combining ancient tantric tools with neuroscience to help high performing women ditch the guilt and unworthiness to embody confidence, radiance, and vitality in all areas of their lives.

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Often as women, it can feel like a struggle to find a balance between our femininity and being taken seriously in a man-centric world. Today Amanda shares how to stay in your femininity while remaining in control of your life, and why you should embrace your softness to feel a deeper connection with yourself and others. She explains the importance of being more intentional, how to connect with your sensuality again, and why we should be celebrating and encouraging exploring our own bodies.

By tapping into your feminine essence and womanly intuition, Amanda believes you can cultivate a love affair with yourself and ultimately feel strong and safe in your feminity. Through embracing your opportunities you can feel comfortable to make a feminine choice as a proud part of what it means to be a woman. Are you ready to put your relationship with yourself first? Let us know in the comments section!


In This Episode

  • How to negotiate your feminine softness while being taken seriously
  • Getting clear on what your desires and what lights you up
  • Transition rituals to help you move from one stage of your sensuality to another
  • Steps to help raise other women to experience sexuality as a creative energy
  • Teaching men how to honor, respect and nurture your feminine nature



“Its totally okay to be soft, and you can also be very strong in that softness and very grounded.” (6:12)

“What I love to help women do is start to brush off all of the conditioning and let your fire start to shine again so that you can really let it be liberated throughout your system. And it feels so delicious.” (13:51)

“It’s kind of like getting off of autopilot and survival mode, and connecting to what you truly want and what is going to feed you.” (28:26)

“We often don’t give to ourselves what we most need. And when we can learn how to do that, it is easier for other people to give that to us as well.” (33:01)



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