Throughout time, poetry has been an incredibly powerful art tool that is wonderfully compelling when conveying all of the emotions that make life meaningful. Poetry can connect us across time and space and render even the smallest moments meaningful, but have you ever wondered what powers the art of poetry possesses beyond that?

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Join me as I uncover the intuitive, ancestral and physiological responses one can have to poetry, and explore how poetry can bridge the gap between the art and the sciences to encourage higher order thinking. Accepting poetry as a key influencing factor to encourage learning and spiritual growth in a society can help heighten our intuition and in turn, help us to lead more fulfilling lives.

By looking at the movements in our language and the soothing patterns or rhythms found in poetry, it is easy to understand why poetry can be such a powerful outlet for both positive and negative emotions. It is only through the understanding of our physiological responses to poetry, as well as the emotional and mental benefits one can get from interacting with poetry, that we can begin to integrate the coupling of poetry and prose.

When was the last time you calmed the chaos around you and took some time to engage in poetic language? Give yourself a minute and leave me a poem in the comments section below!


In This Episode

  • Viewing poetry as a tool for stirring emotions and relating to the Divine
  • How to help your brain recognize poetry as a practical way of transmitting information
  • Breaking down the neurological similarities and healing properties of poetry and music
  • Activating your unconscious reward pathways through the use of poetry
  • Using poetry as a tool to turn your negative emotions into beautiful works of art



“Poetry is words put together as an art form, its communication, and it is a human connection.” (3:37)

“Thousands of years ago, poems were more accessible to the average person than written communication or spoken prose.” (5:45)

“You don’t even need to know anything about poetry to appreciate it, it is kind of like wine!” (6:42)

“As humans, we are designed to experience all of our emotions, not just the pleasurable ones or the happy ones.” (10:45)

“Aesthetic beauty, emotional depth, connection to the human and the divine, communication and education, all of this and more can amazingly be found in a book of poems.” (16:50)

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