A life-changing and inspirational pioneer in the field of life coaching, and one of my childhood heroes, Rhonda Britten needs no introduction. A master coach and bestselling author, Rhonda has taken the horrific traumatic events of her childhood and harnessed them into a powerful ability to embrace fear, and help her clients do the same. The founder of Fearless Living and an expert in helping others find their innocence and giving yourself the compassion that you need, Rhonda is here today to help you live your life with your soul intention.

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While it may be easy to read a book or go to a workshop and say you will live your life without fear, the reality is much different. Rhonda is here to lay the groundwork so you can begin to understand how fear works within your body mind and heart, and how to teach yourself to shift your perspective and use the power of your fear to propel yourself forward in your life. By embracing your scars and getting to the real underlying fear underneath the superficial one, you can begin to be more open to the freedom inside of you.

Rhonda wants you to know that you are not your fear. Instead of constantly running, you can embrace your fear to the point of having a love-filled relationship with this emotion, and use your fear as fuel to guide and support you going forward. While fear shows up differently for every person, the importance of releasing shame, letting go of blame and embracing freedom is equally important for all. Rhonda truly leads her life by example and is passionate about helping others find their freedom too.

Have you let fear hold you back from experiencing the joy of the unknown? Let us know what steps you have taken to face your fears in the comments section.


In This Episode

  • Looking at the phenomenon of fear from a real-life perspective, not based in clinical studies
  • Common fear patterns found on the ‘Wheel of Fear’ and ways to heal
  • Accepting fear and freedom as your two filters when experiencing anger
  • Questions to ask yourself to learn if you are living in subconscious fear
  • Understanding how fear undermines your confidence and how to embrace it as your friend



“I will stand for you until you can stand for yourself, I will guide you until you can listen to your own intuition, I will be there and that is what I am committed to.” (7:17)

“Intellectually you know the truth. But intellect does not run our lives, its the feelings inside of us that we take on. And I took on the guilt and the shame and the blame of my mother dying.” (14:45)

“Everything that I teach is not based on research, even though I read a lot of books and do the research. Everything I teach is based on my personal experience and the experience of my clients.” (19:41)

“Once you get into the unknown, it isn’t scary anymore, it is exhilarating and it is exciting.” (32:15)

“As we all know, it is our pain, it’s our tragedies, it’s our suffering that actually helps us to actually become who we are meant to be.” (37:13)

“I change your filter so you no longer see yourself and the world through the ‘fear eyes’, and instead see it through freedom.” (45:30)



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